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The City of Koronadal, also known as Marbel, is the capital city of South Cotabato province in the Philippines.

According to the 2000 census, it had a population of 133,786 people in 27,623 households.

Korona (crown) exactly fits the name of a city which came to be known as Koronadal.

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City of Koronadal is a sprawling community at the foothills of the surroundings Roxas and Quezon mountain ranges that gives a perfect illusion of a crown jewel set at the bed of a landlocked crater.

Koronadal used to comprise the area extending from the banks of Buluan Lake to the north to Barangay Polonoling in the municipality of Tupi to the south from Quezon mountain range to the northeast to the municipality of T'Boli to the southeast.

Koronadal was converted into a component city of South Cotabato now known as the City of Koronadal by virtue of Republic Act 8803 on October 8, 2000.

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The settlement of Koronadal and its creation as a municipality by virtue of Executive Order No. 82 dated August 18, 1947 was marked by a rapid initial development, so that when the province of South Cotabato was created under Republic Act No. 4849 on July 18, 1966, it easily became the capital town.

In the past, the place was populated by B'laans and Maguindanaos. The word Koronadal is believed to have been derived from two B'laan words- koron or kolon meaning cogon grass and nadal or datal meaning plain which optly described the place to the natives.

On the other hand, Marbel, which is another name for the poblacion, is a B'laan term "Marb-El" which means "murky waters" (it is possible that name was first used to) referring to a river, now called Marbel River.

Koronadal used to comprise the area extending from the banks of Buluan Lake to the north to Barangay Polonoling in the municipality of Tupi to the south from Quezon mountain range to the northeast to the municipality of T'Boli to the southeast.

It was in August 18, 1947 when President Manuel Roxas signed the Executive Order creating the municipalities in the entire province of South Cotabato, one of which was Koronadal.

At present, Koronadal is a fast developing growth center composed of twenty seven (27) barangays including the four (4) zones in the poblacion.

Being the capital town of South Cotabato, it is the center of the province in terms of political, cultural and socio-economic activities.

Business firms and other establishments sprout in Koronadal. Identified also as the Provincial Agri-industrial Center of South Cotabato.

Koronadal boasts of its favorable geographical location, rich human and natural resources, and potentials conducive for trade business and industry. Marbel Settlement District of the National Land Settlement.

Marbel Roundball, the famous landmark of Koronadal

Marbel Roundball, Koronadal City

General Santos City

General Santos City or "GenSan" is in the province of South Cotabato in the Philippines. It is a highly urbanized city located at the southern portion of South Cotabato. It is known as "The Tuna Capital of the Philippines".

Every February, the city celebrates the Kalilangan Festival. And every September as also the celebration of the city chartered anniversary the Gensan Tuna Festival.

Flights to General Santos City

GenSan is served by the General Santos City International Airport one of the largest airport in the country. It has daily flights to/from Manila and Cebu.

  • Philippine Airlines
  • Cebu Pacific - budget airline
  • Air Philippines - budget airline

  • By Boat To General Santos City, Sea Transport to Gensan

    GenSan Seaport has frequent boat trips to and from Manila, Cebu and iloilo

  • Super Ferry
  • Negros Navigation
  • Sulpicio Lines

  • Travel To General Santos City by Bus

  • Yellow Bus Lines - serve for Davao City and Koronadal City
  • Holiday Bus - serve for Davao City
  • Husky Lines - Koronadal City

  • Doing Business In Koronadal, Koronadal Investments, Commerce and Trade in Koronadal

    In 2003, Koronadal's winning edges led to its recognition from the prestigious and highly respected Asian Institute of Management as the country's Most Competitive Small-sized City, a much coveted title contested by 25 small cities in the Philippines.

    Koronadal bested other small cities in credible standards like low cost of doing business and broad market base, proximity to other growth centers, competent workforce, vibrant tourism sector, strong supporting environment and very responsive local government.

    Urban and Rural Areas In City of Koronadal

    City of Koronadal has a sprawling land area of 27,700 hectares and at least 2,200 hectares compose the urban areas.

    The much larger rural areas are future potential as agri-industreial centers. Presently there is a 520 hectare area identified as industrial zone.

    Rise of Commerce and Trade in Koronadal

    The city's strategic location in South Cotabato gives it an advantage in catering to commerce, agricultural, residential and industrial investments. It has an absolute inland access to major points in Mindanao with a road network of 565.79kms.

    The rise of commerce and trade in this young city is taking aggressive movements with a host of modern information and communication facilities, infrastructures, educational, banking and lending institutions, very accessible transportation facilities, stable peace and order condition, tourism industry, fat investment incentives and a very supportive local government unit in the background.

    With so much people from all over the region flocking in the city being the newly declared Administrative Seat of Region XII, these opportunities give a satisfactory return of investments.

    Koronadal Location

    Covering a total land area of 27,700 hectares, City of Koronadal constitutes 8.41% of the total land area of the province of South Cotabato.

    It is in the southwestern part of Mindanao, the country's second largest island. It occupies the southwestern part of South Cotabato.

    The capital of South Cotabato, Koronadal is the center of commerce, trade, government administration, transportation, communication and education.

    Koronadal Climate, Best Time To Go Koronadal

    Koronadal is a typhoon-free city. March to June are hot and dry while rains abound from July to October. November to February are pleasantly cool and dry.

    Light casual clothing is recommended for daily wear. Casual and formal attire are used for business and formal functions.

    Koronadal Tourism, Tourist Industry Of Koronadal

    Koronadal is all set to become the new destination in the Philippines.

    It offers a beautiful landscape of natural attractions, wild life sanctuaries, swimming resorts, cascading waters and natural springs that all give a perfect recollection after a hard day's work.

    Language and Dialects Used In Koronadal

    Hiligaynon is the most widely spoken dialect. Cebuano and Ilocano also compose the conversation of people in the city. Maguindanaon, Maranao and B'laan dialects are also significant.

    Tagalog and English are officially used for business correspondence and transactions.

    How To Go To Koronadal

    Koronadal is a jump off point to key cities in Mindanao like General Santos, Tacurong and Cotabato.

    Visitors from Luzon, Visayas and other parts of Mindanao get in Koronadal through daily flights of Philippine Airlines, Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific via General Santos City which is a 45-minute, traffic free ride from City of Koronadal.

    Regular sailing of WG & A, Negros Navigation and Sulpicio Lines also provide access to Koronadal.

    Inter-region transportation is provided by buses, jeepneys and air-conditioned vans.

    Within Koronadal, motor tricycles and multicabs run in the hassle-free highways and streets of the city.

    Koronadal Shopping Guide

    Koronadal is becoming a shopping haven in Region XII. Great bargains are absolutely friendly to tight budgets with bargain flea markets, make-shift or permanent stalls of ukay-ukay, side walk stalls and great mallwide sales.

    Export quality products like hand-woven fabrics, native products, gift items, shell crafts, home accessories and jewelry are also displayed to the buyers' delight at all stores in the city.

    Food Guide In Koronadal, Eating in Koronadal

    Eating in Koronadal is an outstanding experience at all budget levels. A matrix of native dishes smatters around Koronadal with famous Ilonggo cuisine such as inasal nga manok (chicken barbeque), balbacua/nilagang baka and la paz batchoy.

    Western and Chinese food are provided by an array of food chains like Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking, South Park Noodle House and Shakeys.

    Also export-quality processed food and fruits are among the best that Koronadal can offer.

    Hotels In Koronadal

    Koronadal boasts of its line of fine hotels that provide a total relaxation of a home complete with luxury facilities like swimming pool, disco pub, karaoke TV bars, coffee shops, restaurants and function rooms.

    Hotel In Koronadal

    Hotel in Koronadal

    Koronadal Hotels Directory

    Samahang Nayon Hotel

    Roxas St, City of Koronadal
    Contact Tel No. 228 8383
    Dizon Hotel 1

    Rizal St, City of Koronadal
    Contact Tel No. 228 6144
    Vertex Dormitory

    Pantua St., City of Koronadal
    Contact Tel no. 228 2207 or 09218580430 Boyet
    Dod's Inn

    Guanzon, City of Koronadal
    Contact tel no. 228 4735
    Blue Gate Lodge

    Brgy, Morales, Purok
    Masagana B
    Contact tel no. 228 5965 / 09103339222
    Sunrise Inn

    Brgy. Morales
    Contact tel no. 228 5796
    Annex Lodge

    Alunan Ave.
    Contact tel no. 228 6144
    Lyka's Pension House

    Lower Balmores
    Contact tel no. 228 6514
    Isidro Lodge

    Alunan Ave
    Contact Tel no. 228 6144
    Daniel's Pension House

    Osita Block 1
    Contact tel no. 228 8602
    Monte Frio Inn

    Triniville Block 3
    Contact tel no. 228 3610
    Jo-An's Place

    Purok Malipayon
    Brgy, Sto. Nino
    Contact tel no. 228 9020
    Villa Princissita

    Habido Compound
    Contact tel no. 228 2275 / 228 3232
    Remching Resort

    Contact tel no. 228 5886

    Brgy, Morales
    Contact tel no. 228 5656
    Eduardo's Lodge

    Datu Piang St.
    Contact tel no. 228 3425
    Maguindanaon Development Foundation

    Brgy, Zone 3
    Contact tel no. 228 3004
    Lelita's Lodge and Resto

    Arellano St.
    Contact tel no. 228 4551
    Touch and Go Inn

    Brgy. Sta Cruz,
    Contact tel no. 09212676433
    Jade Inn

    Purok Ramos
    Brgy, Sta. Cruz
    Contact tel no. 381 0383
    Lantaw Marbel

    Brgy, Paraiso
    Contact tel no. 228 7117
    Del Rio Splash Resort

    Brgy, Concepcion
    Contact tel no. 228 7160
    Agua Frio Garden Resort

    Brgy, Sta. Cruz
    Contact tel no. 228 6528
    Ramona Plaza Hotel

    Gensan Drive
    Contact tel no. 228 3285
    Marvella Plaza Hotel

    Gensan Drive
    Contact tel no. 228 2327
    Casa Gemma

    Gensan Drive
    Contact tel no. 228 2310
    Green Valley Pension House

    Gensan Drive
    Contact tel no. 2284033

    Koronadal Transportation, Information and Communication Networks

    Road networks connect Koronadal with key cities in Mindanao such as Tacurong, Cotabato and General Santos.

    Regular and air-conditioned buses, air conditioned vans and run through major highways of Koronadal going to the rest of the SocSarGen areas and within the city, motor tricycles run through the hassle-free streets of Koronadal.

    Koronadal Bus Service

    Koronadal Bus Service

    Electricity and Water Supply In Koronadal

    The South Cotabato Electric Cooperative I, buying power from the National Power Corporation, provides power supply to Koronadal.

    Water supply is provided by the Koronadal Water District Level I and II.


    Major elecommunication companies in the Philippines are operating in the city such as Mobiline, Smart and Globe for cellular phone service.

    Pocketball for paging services, BayanTel, Pilipino Telephone Corporation and Marbel Telephone System for telephone services. PT&T and RCPI for telegraphic service.

    There are 3 internet providers in the locality such as PLDT, MOZCOM and GREENDOT.

    Koronadal Sports and Recreation

    Koronadal is home to the South Cotabato Sports Complex that covers an area of 3.5 hectares, with a fully-rubberized oval and an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

    The South Cotabato Gymnasium and Cultural Center, located at the heart of the city, has an area of 2,867 square meters and can accommodate to a maximum of 10,000.

    Koronadal Notre Dame of Marbel University

    Koronadal University

    Koronadal Business, Koronadal Trade and Industry

    Banking, finance and credit facilities in Koronadal are very amiable. There are 15 banks, fully equipped with modern and recent banking technology, 44 jewelry and pawnshops and 38 financing and credit institutions.

    Koronadal Products, Agri Business Koronadal

    Agri-business is very suitable for many household businesses. The abundance of raw materials in the neighbouring areas of Koronadal paves a new name for the city as the new leading producer of processed food and fruits which are export in quality.

    Flower farms in Koronadal are also creating respect in the name of export quality cut flowers. Koronadal is one among the leading producers of cut flowers in Mindanao.

    Owing to its fertile agricultural lands that yield harvests of various crops both for local and foreign consumption.

    The area accounts for 29.4% of the country's yearly corn production and 20% of the total rice production.

    Koronadal Education

    Notre Dame of Marbel University is one of the best schools in the country recognized by the Commission on Higher Education as one of the centers of excellence.

    It houses the largest university library in south central Mindanao with an online Library Automation System for circulation, cataloging and inventory.

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