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Beach Paradise Of The North

Endowed with a variety of picturesque landscapes, Davao's topography dazzles. From fruit plantations and orchid farms to mantle volcano-fed hills and valleys. From virgin forests to nurture rare wildlife.

Coral Islands lie on mirror flat water. And the country's highest peak magnificently lords over the hinterland.

Pearl Farm Parola Bar

Pearl Farm Parola Bar

Davao's Brilliant Tapestry And Diverse Culture

Just as enchanting is Davao's brilliant tapestry of harmony, woven from the diverse cultural threads of its people.

In Davao, the contemporary fuses with the traditional as migrant settlers from all over the country co-exist in peace with a fairly large expatriate community and numerous ethnic tribes who continue to live as they did centuries ago.

Davao's Main Attraction - The Pearl Farm

Pearl Farm is located in the Samal Island off the coast of Davao City, Southern Philippines. The premier beach resort, which lies in the pristine island of Samal, used to be a pearl farm.

Three thousands of white-lipped oysters, transported from the Sulu Sea, were once cultivated for their pink, white, and gold pearls.

Today, beach lovers all over the world visit this world class beach resort for its white sand and panoramic landscape and seascape, bringing with them the memory of a lifetime - a relaxing private retreat in a tropical paradise.

Philippine Eagle Research And Nature Center

An endangered species, the world's largest eagle has found refuge at the Philippine Eagle Research and Nature Center in the Malagos rainforest in Calinan, 45 minutes away from downtown Davao.

Travel To Davao

One simply does not get bored in Davao. There are just so many options for a pleasurable stay. Try cultural immersion, or farm visit. Or golf. Or trek. Or scuba diving. Or shop. Or simply laze around the islands and watch the world go by.

The possibilities just go on and on...So why wait? Start planning on your travel to Davao. You may reserve cheap flights to Davao via Cebu Pacific Airways.

Davao's Most Celebrated Pasalubong, The Durian

Durian, that rich tasting, pulpy, stomach-filling fruit, which has been described as "mixture of old cheese and onions flavored with turpentine", is one of Davao's most celebrated "pasalubong" meaning souvenir, export to the rest of the country.

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