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About Mindoro Island

Mindoro Island is an unspoiled island within easy reach of Manila. It is split roughly north-south into two provinces, Mindoro Occidental to the west, and Mindoro Oriental to the east.

Flight To Mindoro

The only airport on Mindoro is San Jose, in Mindoro Occidental. There are daily flights to/from Manila.

Travel By Boat

The island of Mindoro may be accessed by boat from either Batangas (to Calapan and Puerto Galera), from Caticlan (Aklan) to Roxas (Oriental Mindoro), or from Coron to San Jose.

The shipping service from Batangas is Ro-Ro (about 3 hours) or fast ferry (about 1.5 hours), 24/7.

From Coron small bangkas leave four times weekly (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday as of January 2014). The fare is 800peso and the crossing takes approximately 7hours.

A small meal (e.g. chicken adobo) is included in the cost. Be aware that the schedule is subject to change at short notice and the coastguard may not allow the boat to leave in poorer weather.

From Caticlan several RoRo boats leave daily to Roxas, the first at 6am and last at 5:30pm, although there is also a "tentative" 10pm ferry. Fare is 400peso and the crossing takes roughly 3.5hours.

Main Tourist Attractions

Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro is the famous tourist destination with many beach and entertainment facilities.

The rest of the island is underdeveloped and perfect for travellers who like to get away from the crowds and experience a more traditional side of the Philippines.

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