Introduction To Boracay. Philippines

The palm-studded island of Boracay - with its white, talcum-fine beach, balmy weather and warm, crystalline waters - is like a hypnotic magnet that lures many to a lotus experience.

In this tiny, butterfly-shaped island at the northwestern tip of Panay in Western Visayas, days can't be spent by simply lazing on the beach and nights are for indulging in the tropical party lifestyle.

Boracay Map

Boracay, Philippines Map

Boracay's Main Attractions

The best part of the island is the four-kilometre White Beach hailed as the "finest beach in the world". The surrounding water is shallow and the sand is finer and brighter than most beaches in the archipelago.

White Beach is so, soooo fine, it feels like treading on miles of baby powder!

White Beach - Barefoot in the Beach

The code in Boracay is strictly informal.

There is an undeniably easy atmosphere in Boracay where walking barefoot than shod is the rule rather than the exception.

White Beach is so, soooo fine, it feels like treading on miles of baby powder! No wonder, even swinging discos have the beach for a floor, giving dance a new twist.

There are no hang-ups either in this island. At daytime, tourists having a soothing massage under the shade of a coconut tree beside the shoreline is a common sight.

And from dusk to dawn, Boracay turns into one big party place where everyone is welcome to join in...

A Little Bit of Daring

For the adventure-driven, "Mambo Number 5" is a little bit of boating and wind surfing, a little bit of scuba diving, a little bit of trekking, a little bit of mountain biking, and a little bit of golf.

There's plenty to do in Boracay other than beachbumming and partyhopping.

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