Baguio - Summer Capital Of The Philippines

One of the cleanest and greenest cities in the country, Baguio is made for sightseeing. And for strolls and boat rides and gentle trots around the park and for golf. Kennon Road, completed in 1905, opened Baguio to tourism.

The zigzagging path previews the scenic highlights of the city. Along the 32 kilometre highway are the Bridal Veil and Colorado waterfalls. With its nippy climate and pleasant mountain scenery, Baguio is a favored destination among artists, honeymooners and others looking for a cool retreat. It is also a faith healing haven and a university town.

Baguio Flower Festival

Pnagbenga is Baguio's crowd-drawer in February. The floral parade is a major event and highlights Baguio as "The City Of Flowers". It is an event to look forward in Baguio. Indeed a good time to visit the summer capital of the Philippines.

It's one time of the year when everyone wants to be, and be seen in Baguio. It is a showcase of unique culture and ingenuity. Panagbenga parade show floats, flowers made into costumes, hats made of dahlias, sunflowers.

Banaue - Land Of The Eight World Wonder

Ifugao is home to a thriving ancient culture and host to the famous rice terraces carved from the base of the mountainsides to the top, which appear to be massive green stairways reaching to the sky. The Ifugao Rice Terraces was inscribed in the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE LIST in 1995 "because of its great beauty that expresses conquered and conserved harmony between human kind and the environment."

Because of its high altitude, Banaue is often described as "where land merges with the clouds to meet the heavens" with the rice terraces as "the stairway to the sky". Banaue is a place for nature adventures and cultural immersion. Days are for indulging in such activities as strolling, biking and trekking. Evenings are for campfire chats at a village or warm indoor cosseting at the lodges and inns.

Baguio Banaue Bay's Bamboo Bats

The bamboo bat, Tylonycteris sp., is the smallest bat found in the Philippines. With a total wingspan smaller than a child's hand length and weighing only about 2 grams, it is just slightly larger than the world's two species of bamboo bats are found in the Philippines, and Baguio Banaue Bay with its large bamboo forests is an important host to these bats.

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