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    Travel By MRT, LRT or Bus To Places In Singapore
    Over 2,000,000 Optimised Transit Route Directions Around The Island


Some Questions and Answers

  • Can you provide me with a simple description about what your journey planner/travel guide covers?
    The journey planner or travel guide are programmed and designed specifically to show you the recommended/best public transport transit route directions from any MRT Station (start point) to places in Singapore (destination). The public transport vehicles used either trains or MRT, trams or LRT and buses. We also cover very brief walking directions as well.

    We do not cover any driving, taxi/private hire ride sharing, car/bus pooling or cycling route directions in the journey planner. Even our walking directions are general. No specific direction (eg. head north or head south), path, street or road name stated. You can however still make use of the drawn route on the map to guide you while walking.
  • Is it FREE to use this travel guide service?
    Yes, it is completely FREE to use the travel guide in this website. We do not charge any amount from our user in order to use this service. Our aim is to make something original and of unique value to the community.

    However, we do hope that you will continue to support us by disabling any ad blocker (if installed) so that we can continue to maintain the running costs such as server hosting, for future updates (eg. new MRT stations and lines), website upgrades (new design and theme for eg.) as well as for future web development projects as well.
  • Where do we get the raw data from for this travel guide service?
    All the raw data, from the places, buildings, addresses and co'ordinates (latitude and longitude) data, to route directions, transport vehicles used, any transfers if required, image photo of destination if any and step by step guide are derived from OneMap.sg's Route Service made available under the Singapore Open Data License 1.0. "The Singapore Open Data Licence aims to promote and enable easy reuse of Public Sector data to create value for the community and businesses."

    Apart from the raw data, everything else from data categorisation and organisation, data structure, analysis and design, data filtration and manipulation, database and web application design and development, output into rich, high quality value added content with a user friendly web design interface in order to provide a unique experience to the end user are the sole works and Copyright of MyNetBizz.com.
  • Actual route conditions different from MyNetBizz?
    When using MyNetBizz Travel Guide, you will find that actual conditions may differ from the route/map results and content generated, so exercise your due diligence and independent judgement and use MyNetBizz Travel Guide at your own risk.

    You are responsible at all times for your conduct and its consequences.
  • User Friendly Web Application    How to use the MRT travel guide? Is it user friendly?
    We try to make the step by step travel guide as user friendly as possible by making it easy to read and understand in a top down approach. But most importantly, it should be unique, informative and accurate as well. If you find any discrepancy in our data, do let us know via email or the feedback form.

    By having different colour code backgrounds to highlight the different modes (Blue for Walk, Beach for Transport and Green for General Information), we believe that it will help you, the end user to digest the information better.

    We come out with simple, informative and descriptive sentences for each transit or walking route.

    We also added a few labels beside each route details to indicate the transit mode, public transport operator, distance travelled, time duration and the time itself (relative to your departure time) for easy reference.

    There is also a vehicle icon in each route to clearly indicate the transit vehicle used for that trip (train, bus or tram).
  • Duplicate buildings/places found?
    As there are around 15,000 places and buildings under 170 categories stored inside the database, there might be some duplicates found. We will continue to check and remove any duplicates if found any.

    As all data are sourced from a third-party service provider, we cannot guarantee the accuracy and reliability of all the data retrieved. If a place or building already permanently closed or migrated to a new address, we cannot guarantee if an update can be done on time as well.

    If you do encounter any duplicate or inaccurate information, please let us know. Thanks.
  • Artificial Intelligence    Do we make use of any artificial intelligence while developing this travel guide?
    All the buildings and places (around 15,000) were automatically categorised based on a list of building types by an online artificial intelligence software which uses the image and text generation capabilities of OpenAI and integrates it within Google Sheets. This NEW technology greatly speeds up our development process. It would have taken us many months or even years if we were to to do it manually one by one.

    However we cannot guarantee on the reliability and accuracy of every entire building type categorisation by the AI tool. If there is any mistake in the building type or category for a particular building or place, do let us know via the feedback form found at the bottom of every page in the website. Thank you for your understanding and support.

    AI Working In Categorising Building Types
  • What is the cheapest way to travel in Singapore?
    Taking MRT train, LRT tram and Bus are the cheapest forms of public transport available in Singapore. The average cost for MRT train or Bus ride is estimated to be anywhere around SGD$1.00 to SGD$3.00 per trip.
  • Is this MRT travel guide for me?
    If you are keen on taking any public transport such as train MRT, light rail LRT or bus with the minimum walking distance available and do not mind the number of transfers or longer time taken to complete the journey, then this MRT travel guide is for you.
  • Where is this travel guide created?
    This MRT Travel Guide or Journey Planner is proudly Designed and Developed In Singapore.

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