The United States Of America

The United States of America is a nation located in central and north-western North America. The U.S. also includes several Pacific islands such as the state of Hawaii. The States consists of 48 contiguous states with Washington, D.C. as the capital district.
Being one of the most powerful and rich countries worldwide, the United States also has a diverse mixture of densely-populated urban areas but at the same wide areas of low population and fascinating natural beauty.
The Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty
Being the only superpower after the Cold War era, the United States is regarded by most other countries as the dominant economic, political, cultural, and military force in the world.
There are a number of the most famous destinations that you can explore while in the States : -
  •   The Grand Canyon
  •   Yellowstone National Park
  •   Yosemite National Park
  •   Death Valley
  •   Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  •   Glacier National Park
  •   Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Top 10 Places To Visit in USA


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