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Thailand used to be known as the Kingdom of Thailand. It is a country in South East Asia with the capital being the largest city also, Bangkok. Thai culture has been influenced by other countries such as India and China as well as other neighboring countries' cultures of Southeast Asia.
There are several distinct geographic regions in Thailand. The country's north are mainly mountainous, with the highest point being the Doi Inthanon at 2,576 metres above sea level. The centre of the country however is the flat Chao Phraya river valley, which runs into the Gulf of Thailand.
Koh Lipe, Maldives Of Thailand
Koh Kiper, Maldives of Thailand

Tourist Hotspot In South East Asia

Thailand is also the most well known hotpost for tourists among other cities South-East Asia. This is because a traveller like you can search for almost anything here.
Whether you are looking for an adventure through thick jungle, experience the sparkling crystal blue beaches or food that will satisfy across your taste buds, Thailand has got its unique options for you to choose from. Thailand, being an exotic destination but yet safe and largely hassle-free is generally a cheap destination.

With all the modern amenities that a traveller needs, be it for the beach front backpacker bungalows or the best luxury hotels in the world, Thailand has it all.
Map of Thailand
Thailand Map

Do's And Don't's In Thailand

  •   Don't do or say anything that may offend the Royal Family. The King and the Royal Family are held in highest regard and are respected deeply by Thais.
  •   Do : Show respect at all times for Buddhism and anything associated with the Buddhist religion. All Buddha images, large or small, are considered sacred. Don't climb atop or pose in front of images of the Buddha. You will insult Thai people deeply if you offend Buddhism in these ways.
  •   Don't : Buddhist monks are forbidden to touch or be touched by a woman, or to accept anything from the hand of one. If a woman wants to give anything to a monk or novice, she first hands it to a man.
  •   Do : Remove your shoes when entering a Thai home if you are invited to visit somebody in his/her home. Do the same at other places where the Thai people do so too. And it is very rude to point your feet at anyone or use your feet to make any sort of indication. Also don't rest your feet on tables or chairs.
  •   Do : Show respect at all times for Buddhism and anything associated with the Buddhist religion. Shorts, sleeveless, Shirst and top, and slippers are unacceptable when entering Buddhist temples.

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