About Songkhla, Thailand

Songkhla which is around 100km away from Bangkok, has a wonderful Samila beach and a popular fishing community. The Great Songkhla Lake is where the well known 520 sq km Khu Khut Waterfowl Park stands.

Songkhla is described as one of the most popular destinations for seaside resort towns of Southern Thailand with Hat Yai being the primary commercial, communications and entertainment centre.



The area attracts travellers coming from nearby Malaysia and Singapore and even Indonesia.

The province is divided into 14 Amphoes. They include:-

  • Amphoe Muang
  • Chana
  • Hat Yai
  • Na Thawi
  • Ranot
  • Rattaphum
  • Saba Yoi
  • Sadao
  • Sathing Phra
  • Thepha
  • Khuan Niang
  • Krasae Sin
  • NA Mom
  • Singha Nakhon

  • Hat Yai

    Hat Yai is well linked to Songkhla by a 30 minute car journey along Route 407.

    Being Southern Thailand's major commercial, communications, entertainment and shopping centre, Hat Yai offers one of the best transportation and accommodation for traveller's convenience.

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