About Chiang Mai

Being Thailand's 5th largest city, Chiang Mai is also known as the hub of Northern Thailand and more commonly known as the "Rose of the North".

As compared to Bangkok, Chiang Mai is much greener as the entire city is surrounded by mountains and countryside. This makes Chiang Mai also a rather quieter place than the capital Bangkok.

If you are flying into Chiang Mai, then Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) handles both domestic and regional international flights.

There are however various other airlines which also has flights to Chiang Mai such as Air Asia which is one of the most well known Asian low cost airline which flies daily from Bangkok or KL (Kuala Lumpur).

Chiang Mai is the gateway to Northern Thailand and is Thailand's second largest city after Bangkok. The place is much greener and quieter here than in Bangkok and is commonly known as the "Rose of the North".

Located on a plain surrounded by mountains, the peak of Doi Suthep looms just 13 kilometers away and looks over the city and surrounding lush countryside.

Chiang Mai accommodation is typically even among Thai standards. Many varieties of lodgings are available ranging from inexpensive guest-houses with little or no service to the typical high rise hotels with elaborate garden resorts.

Chiang Mai is indeed a great shopping place with its world renowned night bazaar. There are two significant shopping malls located at Airport Plaza and Central Kad Suan Keaw.

There are streets with vendor booths that line the streets after dark, selling all types of merchandise at very negotiable prices. You'll find an amazing array of merchandise here.

Chiang Mai's nightlife scene can be considered the most happening in North Thailand, but still cannot be compared to from Bangkok's.

However, Chiang Mai is still popular for its nightlife, as well as the charming city and beautiful surrounding countryside. One can find discos, karaoke bars, and live music almost anywhere.

The two busiest nightlife zones are near Tapae Gate, Loi Kroh Road and along Charoenrat Road on the eastern bank of the Ping River.

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