About Nepal

Nepal is a country in South Asia which borders with Tibet, the People's Republic of China and India with Kathmandu as its capital.
Nepal is separated from Bangladesh by a tiny line of the Indian West Bengal which is commonly referred to as the "Chicken's Neck", It is also separated from Bhutan by Sikkim, an Indian state.
Mt Everest and Mt Macchapucchre
Mt Everest and Mt Macchapucchre

The Himalayas

Nepal has a relatively wide range of natural landscape such as the humid Terai plains to its south and to the mountainous Himalayas in the north. It is thus becoming a major tourist destination due to this.
The Himalaya mountain range lies along Nepal's north and western regions including 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world with the highest, Mount Everest in Nepal.

Nepal Demographics

Nepal has an estimated population of 29 million people and with a multilingual, multireligious and multiethnic society with its earliest inhabitants being the Kirat of east mid-region, Newar of the Kathmandu Valley and aboriginal Tharu in the southern Terai region.

Nepal Zones | Districts of Nepal

Nepal is divided into 14 zones and 75 districts :-
  •   Bagmati
  •   Bheri
  •   Dhawalagiri
  •   Gandaki
  •   Janakpur
  •   Karnali
  •   Kosi
  •   Lumbini
  •   Mahakali
  •   Mechi
  •   Narayani
  •   Rapti
  •   Sagarmatha
  •   Seti

Nepal Mountaineering

Nepal has become a popular spot for mountaineering as the country has got some of the highest mountains and very challenging expeditions in the world and that includes its highest, Mount Everest.

In general the mountains situated on the south-east ridge of Nepal is easier to climb. Thus most climbers would prefer to trek to Mount Everest through Nepal.

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