Philippines Coastline, Natural Harbours and White Sand Beaches

Philippines is a country of 300,000 square kilometres has 334,539 kilometres of natural harbours, gulfs and white palm fringed white sand beaches - the longest discontinuous coastlines in the world.

What Divers' Dreams Are Made Of

An invitation to discover the Philippines top dive spots. The Philippines is to scuba divers what Switzerland is to skiers. Hawaii to surfers and Nepal to mountaineers. This is a place you must visit at least once, to get the real heart of the sport.

Philippines Diving

Philippines Diving

The country is a veritable smorgasboard of world-class dive sites set in a lush tropical environment with all the trappings you could ever wish for.

Diving In The Philippines

The Philippines is a scuba diver's dream come true. The warm waters surrounding the Philippines' 7,107 islands present an underwater wildlife extravaganza, so spectacular that divers return for an average of 10 trips each.

Philippines Marine Life, Philippines Underwater World

Dive into crystal clear waters with underwater visibility of up to 60 metres, discover shipwrecks, cliffs covered with sponges, colourful corals, gorgonians, turtles, sharks, rays and even the very rarely seen exotic fishes like Spanish dancer, harlequin ghost-pipefish, camouflaged frogfish and fire gobies.

Thanks to the convergence of the nutrient rich waters of the Pacific Ocean, South China Sea and Celebes Sea, you will be a spectacular to an aquatic symphony of over 2,000 species of marine fish as well as more than 400 out of the 500 known coral species in the world.

The Philippines is divided into 3 geographical areas : Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao. All regions offer premier destinations for divers amidst lush tropical environment with excellent underwater views.

So whether you're just after a relaxing dive with spectacular views or a chance to perfect your macro photography skills, take on these dive spots for the best of all worlds.

Top Dive Destinations In The Philippines

LUZON at a glance

Anilao, Batangas

  • Cathedral Rock
  • Bahura
  • Beatrice Rock
  • Sepok Wall
  • Bazura
  • Twin Rocks
  • Donsol, Sorsogon


  • Busuanga
  • El Nido
  • Tubbattaha
  • Puerto Galera / Verde Island

  • Canyons
  • Hole in the Wall
  • St Cristopher
  • San Agapito Wall
  • Subic Bay, Zambales

    VISAYAS at a glance

    Apo Island


  • Balicasag Island
  • Pamilacan Island
  • Boracay


  • Malapascua Island
  • Moalboal/Pescador Island

  • MINDANAO at a glance



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