Competitive Edge For Investors In Koronadal

Investors in Koronadal will not only enjoy its strategic location in Region XII, but also all the marvellous advantages and keen benefits of good weather condition, very rich agricultural lands, low cost of utilities and services, a vibrant tourism, stable peace and order condition and a very business-friendly local government.

Add to these plus factors are friendly incentive packages that match investors' need to earn their businesses' highest rate of return.

Koronadal Labor, Koronadal Manpower

Koronadal Labor and Manpower

Koronadal Competent Workforce

Investors are assured of dependable and highly skilled, English proficient, highly trainable and efficient individuals that make up an excellent labor pool that can produce world-class outputs.

Koronadal Vibrant Tourism

Within driving distance from the city are garden resorts that truly provide a comfortable setting to do business with pleasure. They offer pampering packages of outdoor relaxation such as swimming, boating in man-made lagoons, video karaoke entertainment, paint ball and horseback riding, among others.

Koronadal Investor Guide

Koronadal Investor Guide

Improving Our Access And Mobility

As development of infrastructured is one of the priority programs of the city government, it continuously enhances its dedication to improve and develop roads and bridges, health and education facilities, government or public facilities, transport facilities, drainage, communal irrigation and potable water systems.

Concrete roads in the city now comprise 36.14% of the entire city roads or a total of 43.44 kilometres.

Solid Waste Management In Koronadal

City of Koronadal's industrial vision is adjacent with sustaining an ecologically and environmentally sustainable community. The city strengthens its focus on waste segregation and waste diversion.

It adopts the "No segregation, no collection" policy.

There is a separate schedule for the collection of biodegradable and non-biodegradable at various sources.

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Heading towards the requirements of a global technology, City of Koronadal is all set to venture into information and Communication Technology industry by taking all the initiatives to prepare the City in the required proficiency and efficiency in computerization projects.

As forecasts are made on the expansion of booming ICT industries in the provinces, City of Koronadal is giving high focus on human resource development such as capability building and skills seminars on medical transcription, ICT project management and English proficiency.

Modern Communication Links

City of Koronadal's modern communication links use satellites, cellular telephone networks and routing land based telephone services.

High quality broadband links and IDD services are available and compatible with systems worldwide.

About The City of Koronadal

City of Koronadal is 27.700 hectares of prime and agricultural lands located in the culture-rich Central Mindanao, the country's premier gateway to tourist destinations in Southern Philippines.

The Administrative Center of Region XII, the city is host to national line agencies and regional offices, and the center of commerce, trade, education and business tourism.

Flights From Manila to Koronadal, Air Travel From Manila

Air travel frmo Manila takes one and a half hours to General Santos City while sea travel takes 48 hours from Manila to General Santos City via Iloilo City.

From General Santos City, land transportation takes 45 minutes to one hour to finally get in City of Koronadal.

Flights and sea travel is available three times a week.

Region XII

The city enjoys a strategic location in Region XII, ensuring a convenient entry and exit or raw materials and finished products. Good road networks link Koronadal to any point in the region.

The Incentive Package For Investors In Koronadal

Pioneer Industries

  • Full exemption from payment of business taxes for 5 years
  • Full exemption from payment of real property tax for 3 years
  • Full exemption from payment of local permit fees

  • Non Pioneer Industries

  • Full exemption from payment of business tax for 3 years
  • Full exemption from payment of Real Property Tax for 2 years

  • Qualifications

  • Place of operation is in City of Koronadal
  • Project is within the identified investment Priority Areas.
  • Project cost is not less than P5M

  • How to avail of the incentives?

    Submit the following to the Koronadal Investment Center (KIC) for processing :-

  • 4 copies of application form
  • Comprehensive feasibility study / project study
  • Articles of incorporation

  • Koronadal Agriculture Business

    Koronadal Agricultural Business

    Koronadal Agriculture Business

    Industrial Tree, Plantation and Development, Research and Development for the Improvement of genetic materials o crops and domesticated animals, Production of High Value Crops, In Land fishing.

    Manufacturing Processing

    Organic Fertilizers, Manufacturing of machineries and equipment (farm implements), Construction Materials, Food processing, Garments and Textiles, Water processing/Bottling, Gifts, Toys and House wares, Solid Waste Recycling Plant, Packaging Materials, Metal working and Woodworking, Feed Milling

    Infrastruture and Support Facilities

    Industrial Estate Development, Solid Waste Disposal and Collection, Potable Water System, Power Generation, Telecommunications, Common Service Facilities, Waterways and Sewerage system, Malls.

    Koronadal Investment Center Address and Contact

    (083) 228 4141 Fax No: 520 0466

    Vice Mayor's Office Contact : (083) 228 2702

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