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Prior to eruption in 1991, Mt Pinatubo stood a majestic 5,400 ft, today it stands at 1,748 ft with a caldera some 2.5km wude and the 19th highest crater lake in the world (300-400m up).

The trek itself takes some 2 hours from the halfway point - which is reached by a 40 minute 4X4 ride over the lahar flats of Crow Valley, between ash-lined walls, and among hot springs.

Mt Pinatubo

Mt Pinatubo

Nearing the crater lake, the water turns refreshingly clear & cool, the rocks turn into huge boulders, and the vegetation is thicker.

Camp grounds are near fresh water springs good enough for drinking and bathing. Day Tour $65 per person (minimal of 4).

Overnight Tour $75 per person (minimal of 4).

Tour includes meals, water, tents, guides, 4X4, eco fees and transfers.

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