Passport, Visas and Special Permits

Valid passport. Except for stateless persons and tose from countries with which the Philippines has no diplomatic relations, all visitors may enter the country without visas and may stay for 21 days provided they have tickets for onward journey.

Holders of Hong Kong and Taiwan passports must have special permits. Visas and special permits may be obtained from Philippine embassies and consulates.

Airport and Facilities

Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is 7 km from the city center while the Manila Domestic Aiport is 1 km, from the NAIA.

The international airports have adequate traveller facilities, duty free and souvenier shops, tourist information and assistance counters, hotel and travel agency representatives, car-rental services, banks and automated teller machines, postal service, national and international direct dial telephone booths, medical clinics, and baggage deposit areas.

Philippines Customs

Visitors are advised to fill in the Baggage Declaration Form before disembarking to facilitate Customs examination.

The following are allowed duty-free : reasonable quantity of clothes, jewelry, and toiletries: 400 sticks of cigarettes or two tins of tobacco, two bottles of wine or spirits of not more than one liter each.

Airport Transfers

Visitors are advised to avail of accredited fixed rate or metered taxis at the NAIA's Arrival Area. At the Manila Domestic Airport, accredited transfer services are available on pre-paid coupon basis.

Other airports are served by metered taxis. All airports have counters for hotel transport and car rental service.

Airport Fees

PHP750 for international departure and PHP200 for local departure (paid in Philippine pesos only).

Departing passengers for international destinations are advised to check with airport or tourist information counters.

(Tel Nos. 524-1703; 832-2964) the departure fees which may change without notice.


Baggage carts are available for free. Porter services are also free. Tipping is traditional.

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