Mosques, Museums and Hamams In Istanbul

  •   Byzantine iconography at Haghia Sophia
  •   Glimpse the past at the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts
  •   An awe-inspiring visit to Topkapi Palace
  •   Two Adults will cost USD$140
Haghia Sophia from The Golden Horn

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  •   We will start at the Blue Mosque, perhaps Istanbul's most elegant Islamic sight, famous for its slender minarets and blue Iznik tiles.
  •   Stroll through the well tended garden at the front before making your way to imposing Haghia Sophia, another of Istanbul's most renowned mosques.
  •   Inside is a marvel lous array of Byzantine mosaics, friezes and Iznik blue tile decorations, as well as a huge domed ceiling.
  •   Then head to the nearby Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, which has a wonderful collection of glass and metalwork, carpets and manuscripts from down the centuries, as well as modern art from Turkey and overseas.
  •   Head to Yesil Ev for lunch, a lovely Ottoman style restaurant between the museum and Topkapi Palace, serving traditional fare.


  •   You will need at least three hours to appreciate Topkapi Palace, a sprawling complex of courtyards, gardens, fountains, a harem and a collection of priceless antiques.
  •   Then, at the end of a long day, indulge in that most Turkish of pleasures, a visit to a Turkish bath. Cemberlitas Baths in Sultanahmet is one of the finest.

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul Turkey

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