Baths of Scholastikia

The group of buildings near the fountain which are located behind the Temple of Hadrian is a bath complex, originally built in the first century CE, but restored in the fourth century by an Ephesian woman, Scholastikia, whose name it now carries.

Baths of Scholastikia

Baths of Scholastikia

The dressing room (apodyterium), cold room (frigidarium), warm room (tepidarium), and hot room (caldarium) are grouped in a circular pattern, so that the frequenters of the baths would reach the entrance again after making the circuit of the various rooms.

Structure of the Baths

The structure had two entrances, both of which opened onto the apodyterium. The statue of the patroness, Scholastikia, decorates the main niche of this room.

Including the ground floor, the building had three stories. The clay pipes that conducted hot air through the baths are still visible along the walls and on the floor of the tepidarium.

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