Baths of Varius

The ruins to the right of the odeon belong to the Baths of Varius, dating to the high Roman empire. Baths played an important role in Roman social life.

Baths of Varius

Baths of Varius

This was not only the place to refresh oneself from everyday life, but also to find entertainment and to conduct engaging political and philosophical discussions.

In some of the richer Roman cities, the poor could enjoy the baths free of cost.

According to Selahattin Erdemgil, the inhabitants of Ephesus came to the baths with their retinue in the afternoon, and stayed there for hours. Certain customs were in effect in the baths.

Visitors would disrobe in the apodyterium (dressing room) and then went to the sudotorium to enjoy the sauna. They refreshed themselves in the frigidarium (cold room) before entering the hottest room, the caldarium.

Bathers met for conversation in the tepidarium (warm room) and then went for a swim in the natatorium.

The Baths of Varius were frequently renovated. With all the rooms named above, it provides a beautiful example of Roman architecture.

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