The Fountain of Pollio

A two-storey structure on the side nearest the agora has a high, broad arch that faces the shops along Domitian Street. This is the most beautiful fountain in the city, the Fountain of Pollio, which Pollio donated.

Fountain of Pollio

Fountain of Pollio

It was renovated in 93 CE. The statue group of Polyphemos that once stood over the basin comes from the Temple of Isis (Augustus), and is now on display in the Ephesus Museum.

The Tomb/Fountain of Pollio is erected by a grateful city in 97 AD in honor of C. Sextilius Pollio, who constructed the Marnas aqueduct, by Offilius Proculus. It has a concave facade.

There are two agoras in which one is for commercial and the other is for state business.

For cities in the Roman empire, it was a great honor to receive permission to build an imperial cult temple. This aroused great competition and resulted in not a few intrigues.

The emperor could also subsequently withdraw this right, called a "neokorate" ("temple wardenship"), Ephesus was granted this right many times.

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