Koressos and Magnesian Gates Of Ephesus

One entered the city of Ephesus through two main gates. The Koressos Gate is located between the Vedius Gymnasium and the stadium. The second gate is the Magnesian Gate, on the way to the House of Mary.

This gate was constructed at the same time as the city walls, and was converted into a monumental triumphal arch with three arches in the first century CE (of the Common Era).

The gate also forms part of the sacred way leading to the temple of Artemis.

The Koressos Gate allowed access to the harbor, and was the beginning of the royal highway leading to the interior of Anatolia.

In the city plan, which is laid out on a grid pattern (the Hippodamian plan), there are three main streets.

These are the harbor street, or Arkadiane, which runs from the harbor to the theater, the marble road, which lies between the theater and the Library of Celsus, and Kouretes Street, which runs between the library and Domitian Street.

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