About Ankara, Turkey

Ankara is the capital of the Turkish Republic and the nation's political heartland. It boasts universities, museums and concert halls and is a cultural centre.

The capital has a modern lay-out and a sound infrastructure plus a very modern atmosphere. The city is surrounded by areas of great natural beauty.


  • By Road: Because it is the capital there are bus connections to everywhere in the country. Ankara to Istanbul is 453 km, Ankara to Izmir is 580 km.
  • By Air : The International Esenboga Airpotr is 25 km from the city centre and serves international and domestic destinations.
  • By Rail: Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Izmir, Ankara-Balikesir, Ankara-Isparta-Burdur, Ankara-Zonguldak, Ankara-Adana, Ankara-Elazig-Diyarbakir are all connections.
  • Climate :Under the influence of a steppe climate, Ankara has cold, wet winters and dry, hot summers. There are differences in the climate to be seen over the length of the province.
  • To the south the weather is very clearly that of the steppe but in the nort sees the damp and rainy climate of the Black Sea.

    The average yearly temperature is 12.5 degree Celsius, the coldest month is February (averate temperature -0.3 degree Celsius) and the hottest month is August (average temperature 24.3 degree Celsius).

    Ataturk Mausoleum (Anitkabir)

    Ataturk Mausoleum Anitkabir

    Places to See

  • Anitkabir (the Mausoleum of Ataturk)
  • Gordion Ancient City
  • Ahlatlibel
  • the Temple of Augustus
  • the Column of Julian
  • Roman Baths
  • Ankara Citadel
  • Haci Bayram Mosque
  • Atakule Tower
  • Ataturk Farm and Zoo (AOC)
  • Golbasi

  • Ethnographical Museum, Ankara

    Ethnographical Museum, Ankara


  • Museum of Anatolian Civilisations
  • State Museum of Painting and Sculture
  • Ethnography Museum
  • Ataturk's House
  • Pembe Kosk
  • Gordion Museum
  • MTA Museum of Nature History
  • Archaelogical Museum
  • War of Independence and Republic Museum.

  • Excursions and Outings

  • City Tour
  • Gordion (the tumulus of King Midas and necropolis)

  • Special Events

  • International 23 April Children's Day (April)
  • International Ankara Film Festival (April-May)
  • International Ankara Music Festival (April-May)
  • International Ankara Cartoon Festival (May)
  • Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival (May)
  • Bilkent International Theatre Gathering (June)

  • Sports

  • Winter sports
  • golf hiking and trekking
  • air sports
  • hunting
  • fishing and camping.

  • Food

  • Ankara stew
  • lamb
  • dutmac
  • keskek
  • miyane
  • sutlu
  • local soups
  • coban kavurma (roasted meat)
  • iliskirkorman kebabi
  • meat with aubergine
  • sizgic
  • siyel
  • siper
  • cracked wheat pilaf
  • ogmac asi
  • pit pit rice
  • efelek dolmasi
  • manti
  • sirden
  • dolmasi (mumbar)
  • yalanci ay pastry
  • bohca
  • entekke pastry
  • hamman
  • kaha
  • kol pastry
  • papac
  • pazar pastry
  • tandir pastry
  • yalki

  • Karum Business and Shopping Centre

    Karum Business and Shopping Centre


    As well as modern shopping centres such as :-

  • Ankamall
  • Atakule
  • Karum
  • Galleria and Armada
  • More traditional handicrafts such as weaving, copper, pottery, matting, leather plus different sorts of jewellery and decoration, gifts and an extensive range of antiques can be found in the shops and stalls around the Citadel in Ulus district, Samanpazari and Cikrikcilar Yokusu and Bakircilar Carsisi.

  • Altinpark Expo Centre Size and Capacity of the Conference Halls
    Irfan Bastug Cad. No: 142
    Aydinlikevler / Ankara
    Tel : +90 312 317 97 00
    Fax : +90 312 317 97 07
    For Meetings B Hall - 1,300 square metres (Capacity : 1250)
    Indoor Expo Hall - 7,500
    Outdoor Expo Hall - 25,000

    Ankara Conference Halls and Expo

    Ankara Conference Halls and Expo

    Conference Services

    Altinpark Expo Centre has all the equipment and convenience needed for contemporary fairs and its conference hall is an ideal and modern choice for organising congresses, conferences and concerts. It can also be used for exhibitions.

    Technical Services

    Offers a sufficient level of lighting, heating, cooling, integral ventilation, wireless internet, public address and music broadcast system and a 1000 vehicle car park.

    ODTU (Middle Easte Technical University) Cultural and Exhibition Centre Size and Capacity of the Conference Halls
    ODTU Kampusu / Ankara
    Tel : +90 312 210 4151
    Fax : +90 312 210 4154
    For Meetings (Hall 1) - 181 square metres (Capacity : 193)
    For Meetings (Hall 2) - 178 square metres (Capacity : 196)
    For Concerts (Hall) - (Capacity : 850)

    Conference Services

    It is one of Turkey's most modern cultural and convention centres with its two meeting halls and a large concert hall.

    Technical Services

  • Two simultaneous translation rooms
  • presentation tools, sound systems
  • data show and a centralised video distribution systems
  • video recording and live broadcast system
  • sound recording and live broadcast system
  • closed circuit television broadcast
  • internet connection and video-conferencing
  • secretarial services
  • fax
  • telephone
  • photocopy and computer system
  • catering service
  • accommodation
  • hotel and plane reservations
  • airport transfers
  • car hire
  • guided tours of the city and the environs
  • transport services
  • shopping centre
  • health centres

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