Hotel Address & Contact

  • Hotel Address : Molla Gurani Caddesi No 46 Findikzade - Istanbul, Turkey
  • Hotel Contact : Tel. (0212) 635 20 20
  • Hotel Fax : (0212) 534 1855

  • Hotel Grand Anka Istanbul

    Hotel Grand Anka Istanbul

    Grand Anka Hotel, Istanbul

    Hotel Grand Anka serves with hospitality, greetingly, respectfully from 1996. With its expertised personnel, Grand Anka will present you with qualified service and comfort.

    From 1996, Grand Anka Hotel has been serving perfectly and continues to work hard in order to move its quality of service beyond perfection.

    Grand Anka Hotel is located in Findikzade at a distance of 2 km to Sultanahmet, a 1.5 km to Taksim and 10 km to the airport. Besides, you can go to all of these places taking the tram in front of our hotel.

    The Legend Of Anka

    Anka is a bird that believed to live in mountain Kaf. Because of that she has the name of the Mountain Kaf which is also called Anka.

    It is also believed that one who has the further of Anka will be immortal. Egyptian mythology tells that Anka is a legendary bird which has scarlet, gilding sides and in size of an eagle that lives for many centuries. Eventually she burns herself on a bunch of bush to reborn from her ashes.

    It is also said that this bird has the name Anka because of white hoop at her neck and Ox like abdomen and human like face of her.

    Kazuni tells a legendary of Anka. According to that legend, Anka kidnaps a bride who used to live in Human Society. Society complains Anka to the prophet Hanzade.

    Then because Hanzade curses Anka, God sends her to an Island that another society of human lives on it. Anka lives ten centuries there copulating in a period of five centuries.

    Anka is an element mentioned in fairy tales occasionally. Fairy tale heroes flies over distant lands on the wings of this bird.

    Grand Anka Restaurant/Bar

    Grand Anka Hotel pleases your taste by unique monus at 250 chair capacity Eagle Restaurant and Breakfast lounge. To freshen yourself and share decisive moments with your friends, Grand Anka's Lobby Bar will make feel like home with its cosy atmosphere and environment.

    Your amusing chats will become memorable moments together with Grand Anka's elegant music and rich drink collection at Anka Bar.

    Rooms Facilities at Grand Anka

    Air condition, minibar, hair dryer, cable TV, direct dial telephone, 24 hours room service and comfortable rooms are waiting for you in the Hotel Grand Anka.

    Types of Rooms and Quantity

  • 1 King Suite Room
  • 1 Crippled Room
  • 1 Connection Room
  • 1 Engeli Room
  • 108 Standard Rooms
  • 220 Bed Capacity

  • Standard Room Grand Anka Hotel

    Grand Anka Hotel - Standard Room

    Ballroom and Meeting Lounges and Business Center

    To utilise your work, let we make your celebrations unforgettable experience by offering you customised options for you.

    Let your Wedding turn into a Celebration and be unforgettable in Grand Anka's cosy atmosphere with our years of experience.

    Falcon Ball room with 350 chair capacity will make your celebrations incredibly special and will present you with comfortable places.

    Grand Anka Health Club

    Grand Anka Health Club

    Have you ever tasted fitness pleasure at Grand Anka? Our Health Club offers a service for the guests who wish to finish the day healthy and keep their body in good shape.

    The relaxing effect of the traditional Turkish bath is very popular. Due to the transformation of the negative energy in your body to positive energy, your skin will get live and bright and you will feel energized.

    Hotel Facilities

  • Wireless Internet broadband
  • Telephone
  • Bathroom
  • Hair dryer
  • Fire Alarm
  • Minibar
  • Wake up call Service
  • 24 hours room service
  • TV
  • Cable TV
  • Internet Access
  • Central Aircondition
  • Turkish Bath
  • Sauna
  • Massage
  • Hair dresser
  • Fitness Room
  • 250 chair capacity Eagle Restaurant
  • 250 chari capacity Breakfast Lounge
  • 300 chair capacity Falcon Ball Room
  • 100 chair capacity Canary Meeting Room
  • Fitness Bar
  • Anka Bar
  • Business Center
  • Market
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Laundry Service
  • Parking (50 Car Capacity)

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