China Giant Panda Park, Wolong Nature Reserve

In the central habitat of giant pandas in the Wolong Nature Reserve, this park established in 1982 is a comprehensive institute for the protection, scientific research, cultivation and development of giant pandas, education on scientific knowledge and sightseeing.

Giant Panda at Wolong Nature Reserve

Giant Panda at Wolong Nature Reserve

The park has 56 giant pandas, accounting for almost the half of raised pandas in the world. In addition, it has entrusted the United States, Japan and some other countries with the breeding of six giant pandas and carried out cooperative research with these countries for 10 years.

Also it has 10 giant pandas being exhibited in the zoos in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and other parts of the country. The park boasts seven semi opened giant panda farms with a combined area of some 10,000 square metres.

They are big enough for 16 giant pandas to be reared in open area. These farms have played an active role in letting the artificially propagated giant pandas go back to nature, diversifying their heredity genes and increasing their living abilities in nature.

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