Chengdu Research Base Giant Panda

Tangjiahe Nature Reserve

The Tangjiahe Nature Reserve established in 1978 covers an area of 400 square kilometres, including 170 square kilometres of forests. This nature reserve is located in Qingchuan County on the northwestern edge of Sichuan Basin, on the southern slope of the Motian Ridge and the northwest of Longmen Mountain. The complicated terrain inclines from northwest to southeast. The Motian Ridge in the north stands 3,000 metres above sea level, the Dacaoping in the northwest has an elevation of 3,837 metres while the area in the valley is 1,500 metres or less above sea level.

Tangjiahe Nature Reserve

Giant Pandas In The Nature Reserve, Scientific Research For Giant Pandas

The giant pandas in this reserve are in a great number and concentrated in the areas with an elevation of 1,700 - 3000 metres. These areas abound in arrow bamboo resources and provide rich food and a good living environment for giant pandas. Also the area boasts Baixiongping Ecological Observation Station, the world known second open observation station for giant pandas. The Tangjiahe Nature Reserve has a great value in the protection and scientific research for giant pandas and related education.

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