China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center

Giant Panda Wolong Nature Reserve

One of a few habitats of giant pandas in the world, the Wolong Nature Reserve has been included in the UN Man and Biosphere Protection Network. Located in the transition zone of the Sichuan Basin and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the Wolong Nature Reserve is on the eastern slope of the Qionghai Mountain in the eastern part of the Hengduan Mountain. This area extends 53 kilometres from east to west and 62 kilometres from south to north, covering an area of some 2,000 square kilometres.

Largest Nature Reserve For Giant Pandas In China

It is the largest national nature reserve for giant pandas in China. With an undulating terrain, this nature reserve is a comprehensive one with a purpose to protect mountain ecological system and such rare animals as giant pandas, golden monkeys and dove trees. Also it is a rare gene bank of living things in the world.

Giant Pandas In Wolon Nature Reserve, Sichuan

Development Of Tourist Spots In Wolong Nature Reserve

Today many tourist spots have been developed in the Wolong Nature Reserve, including China Wolong Giant Panda Museum, the only giant panda research center in the world = the China Giant Panda Park. In addition, there are the Hero Gully, Yinchang Gully and other scenic spots. With its unique charm, the Wolong Nature Reserve attracts numerous Chinese and foreign tourists and scientific workers.

Wolong Nature Reserve

Wolong Nature Reserve

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