Beijing Family Tour Package 2022 Includes :-

  • Price starts from SGD$950.00
  • Fly direct by Premier Carrier. Return economy class from Singapore to Beijing
  • Stay at 5 star hotels throughout
  • Accommodation / Daily breakfast / Airport Transfers & Tours as per itinerary
  • 6D Beijing Family Tour Package Itinerary :

    Day 01 : Singapore /Beijing/Tiananmen Square/Forbidden City

  • View the exterior facade of China Grand Theatre/The Place in CBD.Begin your vacation with a pleasant flight to majestic Beijing - the capital of China.
  • Upon arrival, transfer to a restaurant for breakfast. Thereafter, proceed to visit Tiananmen Square, the largest public square in the world and flanked by the Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, Great Hall of the People, Cinnamon Gate, and the Historical Museum of China. It was from the Tower above this Square where Chairman Mao formally declared the formation of the People's Republic of China in 1949.
  • Thereafter, we proceed to the Forbidden City, the largest and most complete palace in China and possibly the world. Here, 24 emperors from the Ming and Qing Dynasties ascended the throne over a period of 500 years. It has thousands of rooms and is also the largest museum in China housing rich, historical and cultural relics. It is also a Treasure House full of priceless antiques.
  • After that, view the exterior facade of China Grand Theatre before we proceed to The Place, situated in the heart of CBD area in Beijing. Enjoy some stylish shopping at this shopping mall boasting a 250m long, 30m wide sky screen - the longest LED screen in the world. Built at a cost of RMB 250 million, the sky screen at The Place will undoubtedly soon become an icon of Beijing.(Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

  • Map of Beijing, Beijing Map

    Beijing Map

    Day 02 : Beijing/ Ming Tomb/ Great Wall /Shishahai Pub Street

  • After breakfast, take a coach to visit Ming Tombs. The 13 Ming Emperors, along with their most beloved empresses and concubines, were buried in these elaborate Tombs spanning an area of 40sq. km. At the entrance to the Tomb, a marble archway leads to the sacred passage way lined with 18 pairs of the Stone of Animals-the Guardians of the Tombs.
  • Although they are called Tombs, the grandeur of the structures and the intricate details put into their construction makes it more justifiable to call them underground palaces.
  • Thereafter, proceed to the Great Wall, one of the greatest architectural wonders built in ancient China. Stretching some 6,000km from the Shanhaiguan Pass in the east to the Jiayuguan Pass in the west, it is the only man-made structure visible from the moon. While many will naturally think of Emperor Qin Shi Huang and that the Great Wall was built in Qin dynasty, it is not entirely true. The Great Wall was not built in Qin dynasty alone. One of China's earliest walls, built by the state of Qi, ran just behind it.
  • The long wall built by the state of Qi stretched east through Shandong Province from Changqing County to the seashore at Qingdao. The Great Wall went through constant extensions and repairs in later dynasties. In fact, it began as an independent wall for different states when it was first built, and did not become the "Great" wall until the Qin Dynasty. Emperor Qin Shi Huang succeeded in his efforts to have the walls conjoined to fend off invasions from the Huns in the north after the unification of China. Since then, the Great Wall has served as a monument of the Chinese nation throughout history.
  • In the evening, we embark on our night tour to Shishahai Pub Street. Bars and pubs in the Shishahai area offer a unique drinking culture, but exotic Chinese fashion is the mainstream amidst the tranquil, leisurely atmosphere. Most of the bars were renovated or rebuilt from classical Chinese residences. They are richly accentuated with traditional themes including totems such as wooden window screens, palatial lanterns and Beijing opera masks that are distinct from bars in the Sanlitun area. Many of the bars also offer tea. Live bands seldom play in the generally small bars, but relaxing music sets the mood for the bars. Shishahai is the only bar district in Beijing that features a quiet atmosphere. (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

  • Day 03 : Beijing/Summer Palace/Beihai Park/Jinshan Park/Trishaw Tour/Beijing Acrobatic Show

  • We start the day with a visit to the Summer Palace, dotted with magnificent lakes and beautiful mountains; it is the largest and best-preserved Imperial Chinese Garden.
  • Next, visit Beihai Park, originally built as a playground for the royal families but is now a Commoner's Park. Thereafter, proceed to Jingshan Park (known as 'Hill of commanding views') which is opposite the northern gate of the Forbidden City. It was built in 1420 during the Ming Dynasty and was initially called 'Long Live Hill'. Jingshan Park is a beautiful imperial park and in former times belonged only to the emperors in the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties.
  • During their leisure, they used to climb the hill, admire the scenery and eat and drink in the park. It was opened to the public in 1928. After this, take a ride on the famous Beijing trishaw for a leisurely cruise through ancient Beijing's Hutong (narrow streets and lanes) and Siheyuan (Commoner's dwelling).
  • Take a glimpse into the daily lives and culture of the local people. Later tonight, sit back and enjoy the famous and exciting Beijing Acrobatic Show. (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

  • Day 04 : Beijing/Nanshan Ski Village/ Hot Spring + Dance Entertainment

  • This morning, we drive to Beijing Nanshan Ski Village. The rest of the time is free for you to enjoy skiing in the exciting snow world with ski equipment included. Lunch at your own expenses.
  • Thereafter, we drive to Hot Spring Resort where you will enjoy a pampering hot spring bath. At night, you can catch a mega Song and Dance performance on ice. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

  • Day 05 : Beijing/Temple of Heaven/Tong Ren Tang Pharmacies / Wangfujing Street/ Donghuamen Food Street

  • After breakfast, visit the Temple of Heaven, first constructed in AD1420 for emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties to pray to Heaven for good harvests. The Temple is world-renowned for its well-designed layout and unique, elegantly-ornamented architectural structures.
  • Next visit the Tong Ren Tang Pharmacies, one of the oldest and most famous Chinese medicine shops. Then, proceed to Wangfujing Street, Beijing's most well-known shopping mall. Here, we will also visit the Beijing Donghuamen Food Street, lined with a dazzling array of mouth watering snacks from all over China. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

  • Day 06 : Beijing/Yaxiu Market/Singapore

  • After breakfast, proceed to Yaxiu Market for your shopping spree. It's a 4-floor indoor mall, retailing all that you can imagine, from jeans, shoes, ladies wear, souvenirs and gifts to army supplies, tea sets and farmer's paintings.
  • Thereafter, bid goodbye to Beijing and transfer to the airport for your return flight to Singapore. (Breakfast)

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