Anzihe Giant Panda Nature Reserve

Located in the northwest corner of Chongzhou City, Sichuan Province, the Anzihe Giant Panda Nature Reserve is 98 kilometers away from Chengdu, emphasizing the protection for giant pandas and other rare wild animals and their ecological environment. Together with the Wolong Nature Reserve, Fengtongsai Nature Reserve in Baoxing and Labahe Nature Reserve in Tianquan around, they constitute a protection network for giant pandas on the Qionglai Mountains and effectively guarantee the communication and stability of giant panda groups. This nature reserve leads China' giant panda nature reserves in the number of giant pandas.

Anzihe Giant Panda Nature Reserve

Ruins, Waterfalls, Maple, Forests And Animals

In addition it boasts the ruins of the quaternary glaciers, the largest waterfalls and the river section for drifting in the Longmen Mountain, the largest maple, osmanthus, Chinese herbaceous peony and alpine azalea forests in great variesties along the west Sichuan itinerary. Also it is a place where tourists can enjoy rich scenes of animals and mysterious alpine astronomical phenomena.

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