Ice and Snow Tour In Northeast China

Northeast China includes Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces. It borders Russia, Mongolia and D.P.R.K. Also it borders the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea in the south. Winter here is long and cold and is a world of ice and snow. A heavy snow brings about a wonderful scene : the mountains and rivers are covered by white snow, the willow trees on the bank of the river are rimed, the delicate ice sculptures are vivid and brilliant, the performances on the vast ice lake surface are excellent. The ice and snow tour in Northeast China are salient and attractive.

Northeast China Harbin Ice Carving

In addition to poetic and picturesque ice and snow landscape, tourists can enjoy mysterious ice and snow art and participate in various kinds of winter activities. Heilongjiang Province is rich in winter tourist resources and is famous for its ice sculpture and skiing at home and abroad. The International Snow Sculptures Fair, Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival and Heilongjiang International Skiing Festival have been held each year.

Jilin Province attracts domestic and foreign tourists with its unique rime scene, three kinds of lanterns and beautiful landscape. Ice and snow tour in Liaoning Province are excellent too. Liaoning will have ice and snow festivals such as Qipan Mountain and Snow Festival and Shenyang International Ice and Snow Tourist Festival. In addition, the province will hold hot spring bathing in winter, fishing contest on ice, setting off fireworks, swimming in winter and other activities. The programs of Ice and snow tour in Northeast China are interesting and make you forget home.

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