Ice Lantern Festival

This festival is held in Zhaolin Park in Harbin. Through cutting and chiseling, the ice from Songhua River will become ice potted landscape, buildings, caves, guilies, and forests, full of imagination and creation. The ice lanterns look like jade sculptures in the daytime. In the evening, the scene makes tourists feel as if they have entered a crystal palace when all the ice sculptures are illuminated with multicolored neon lights.

Zhongyang Dajie, Heilongjian

Snow Sculptures Art Fair In Harbin

On the Sun Island, in January each year, ice sculptors from different countries and regions come to demonstrate their skills. Each sculpture displays a lot of imagination and superb work. They show different styles. Some are abstract, some are genuine, some are classic and solemn and some are delicate. Some are like marble sculptures while others white marble carvings. All exhibits are rich in contents and strong in sense of reality and have a high value of appreciation.

Ice and Snow World In Harbin

It is the largest ice and snow entertainment program in the world. It demonstrates achievements in the development of ice and snow art of the city. Mixed with nature, it has combined ice and snow landscapes, ice and snow art, and ice and snow amusements together and demonstrates the beautiful landscape, the artistic cream and the recreational interests. Also it illustrates local customs, culture and natural scenes. The Ice and Snow World is a "Dreamy Disneyland of Ice and Snow" with strong attraction.

Yabuli Ski Center

To the southwest of Yabuli Town, Shangzhi City, Heilongjiang Province, this ski center boasts a dozen ski runs for senior skiers or learners. Its cross country sky run path is 30 kilometres long. In addition, there are special two-kilometre long ski trails for motorcycles, hovercrafts and sledges, three chair cables and three cabinet cables. Also there are three ski grounds for learners, one ski ground for the evening, one for children and Tianyin Lake Recreational Ground on the ice. Yabuli Ski Center is the largest international standard ski scenic area with perfect facilities in Asia.

Yuquan Mountain Ski Ground

It is located in a closed hunting ground, some 55 kilometres to the southeast of Harbin. In the ski ground there are 17 peaks. Heishi Peak, the tallest, is 547 metres above sea level. The ski ground was built in the 1930s and is the oldest ski tourist base. This ground is praised as the village of Chinese skiing. Here tourists can participate in skiing, sledging on the mountain, bowling on ice, football on snow and rolling icy ball. All these interesting activities will make tourists forget their homes.

Ice and Snow Sports

The ice and snow sports in Harbin involve broad masses. In the past few years, the city has brought into full use its advantage resources and carried out ice and snow sports such as taking ice sails, sledging, skating, playing ice hockey, ballet on ice, ice climbing, attacking snow castles and winter swimming. Of these sports, winter swimming has become an event of international competition.

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