About Surabaya

Surabaya is Indonesia's second-largest city, and is also the capital of the East Java Province (commonly known as Jawa Timur). Location wise, the city sits on the Northern shore of Eastern Java right at the mouth of the Mas River (Kali Mas) and the side of Strait of Madura.

Surabaya, Indonesia

Surabaya, Indonesia

Being one of the busiest ports in Indonesia, the city's main principal exports include sugar, tobacco and coffee.

The name Surabaya itself derived from the words sura which means "shark" and buaya, which is a crocodile in Malay. According to legend and local myth, both these animals fight each other in order to gain the title "The Strongest and Most Powerful Animal in the area".

Now both the animals became the city's logo, the two facing each other while circling the city's monument, the "Tugu Pahlawan".

Population In Surabaya

Surabaya has a large population density and is considered the second most populous city in Indonesia, after Jakarta. While most of the people are Javanese, there are also some notable minorities which includes ethnics such as Madurese from nearby Madura Island and also Chinese Indonesians.

Surabaya Map, Indonesia

Surabaya Java Map

Short History of Surabaya

During the 15th and 16th century, Surabaya used to be a Sultanate and a major political and military power in Eastern Java. However, due to conflict, the city was later conquered by the mighty Sultanate of Mataram in 1625 lead under Sultan Agung.

It was one of Mataram's fiercest war campaigns, where they had to conquer Surabaya's allies, Sukadana and Madura. Siege after siege were laid on the city before it was finally captured.

From this conquest, Mataram continue its war journey and finally took over almost the whole of Java Island, with the exception of the Sultanate of Banten and the Dutch settlement of Batavia (now known as Jakarta).

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  • Sahid Surabaya Hotel

    Sahid Surabaya Hotel

    The Sahid Surabaya Hotel

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