Taipei / Tsinchu / Taichung / Nantou / Kaohsiung / Pindong

Taiwan Package Includes

  • Meal Plan: 7 breakfast, 5 lunches & 1 dinner

  • Taiwan local delight: Shua Shua Hot Pot, Abalone & Lobster Seafood, Tainan Specialty, Three Cups Chicken Delight, Wu Jiao Chuan Ban.

    Taiwan Tour Highlights

  • TAIPEI : National Museum of Taiwan's Democracy (C.K.S Memorial Hall), Martyr's Shrine, Xi Men Ting, Yehliu, Chuifen, Shen Ken Tofu street, Tamshui Old Street, Fishermen Wharf, Yangmingshan, Xiaoyoukeng Volcano, Yangmingshan National Park, Wu Fen Pu Fashion Street, Raohe Night Market, Shihlin Night Market

  • HSINCHU: Leo Foo Village Theme Park

  • TAICHUNG: Sun Cake DIY, Fang Jia Night Market

  • NANTOU: JiJi Train Station, Wuchang Temple, Sun Moon Lake, Wenwu Temple

  • TAINAN: Anping Old Town, Chingu Salt Mountain, Wushulin Recreation Park, Guantzeling Hot Spring

  • KAOHSIUNG: Spring & Autumn Pavilions, Leo He Night Market

  • PINDONG: Kenting, E luanbi, Maopitou

    For passenger taking 8days Best of West Taiwan (THK8) On Flight In/out Of Kaohsiung, Itinerary as Below:






  • D6 TAIPEI (BL)

  • D7 TAIPEI - KAOHSIUNG (BLD) (Bonus: High speed train ride, Dream Mall)


    Note: Actual sequence itinerary is subject to change without prior notice. In the event of discrepancy between English and Chinese itineraries, refer to the former.

    Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

    8 Days Taiwan Package Itinerary


  • Your vacation begins with a pleasant flight from Singapore Changi Airport to Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan.

  • And enjoy a fun time of shopping and tasting local delight at LEO He Night Market.


  • After breakfast, we will visit Spring & Autumn Pvilions, where you can see the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas and Xuan Tian Shangdi Temple.

  • Next, we will proceed to Pingdong for Eluanbi. It is known for its coral gardens and big lighthouse said to be the brightest lighthouse, Asia.

  • Follow by Maopito (Cat's Nose Cape), a cape that spokes into the Bashi (Bashi) Channel in a jumble of exposed coral-rock formations.

  • Tonight, we will overnight in Kenting. When night fall, it become the busiest street with all types of arts & Crafts stores, fashions stores, Seafood Restaurants, Pubs, local foods stores, coffee house all around, also well know as "Pattaya in Thailand".



  • Morning, we will depart Anping Old Street. You can see ancient buildings built during Ducth time. We will have our "Tainan Specialty" lunch here.

  • After Lunch, we will proceed to Chingu for it famous Salt Mountain. Which has a brown, sandy crust the other part of it are snow white.

  • You can climb to the top for excellent views over the pancake-flat countryside, or you can also try to sled down its flanks. You can also try famous Salty Ice-Cream here at your own expresses.

  • Follow by WuShulin Relational Park. You will take a 50mins train ride to go round the park. Also you can visit the one of the most impressive insect ecology centers museums.

  • After which, we will proceed to Gauntleting for the famous Black Hot Spring.

  • Relax your body and mind in this black hot spring that's contains subterranean mud, minerals, salt, (Note: Passenger is advised to bring their swimwear & Cap.)


  • After breakfast, we will visit JiJi Train Station, built by the Japanese and made out of wood (unusual for building in Taiwan) and was heavily damaged during the great quake. The station has now been restored to its original state and now is also able to withstand a huge quake. Follow by Wuchang Temple, is dedicated to the worship of Xuantien Shangdi that collapsed during the 921 earthquake, however, the miracles appeared, three statues of the god, unharmed. Which after, we will head towards Sun Moon Lake, the mirror-like calm water, the light of waves and different morning and evening scenery all year round, poetic and picturesque. You will also visit the Wen Wu Temple. Follow by Taichung famous Sun Cakes (Tai Yang Bing) Diy bakery class. Using century-old baking skill, flaky pastry is rolled into multiple layers and formed into the shape of a butter-colored UN. After which, proceed to Feng Jia Night Market to the shop for the low priced clothes or try delicious local snacks. Hsinchu


  • Morning, we will proceed to Hsin Chu for Leo Foo Village Theme Park. The large Theme and Safari Village, with four different theme areas, which you can find real excitement ride in here.

  • Follow by Wufenpu Fashion Street. A Fashion district which it constitute of more than 1000 shops selling various types of fashion.

  • Tonight, we will go to Raohe Night Market, with all Stores line in the streets, selling famous sweet Taiwan sausages and delicious seafood etc…


  • This morning, we will proceed to Shen Ken Tafu Street where you can find the variety of Tafu delights.

  • Follow by Yeliu, and view the most spectacular and famous result of erosion here are those named Queen's Head Rock, Fairy Shoe, and Candlestick Rock.

  • Next, we will head towards Chuifen, filming site of "Sad City", where you can also try some famous local dish such as Taro and Sweet Patato Ball.

  • Yangmingshan Xiaoyoukeng Volcanic: Strongly acidic hot springs and sulfur gas rising through the Xiiaoyoukeng fault have eroded the extrusive rock and caused it to turn crumbly and collapse, resulting in the landscape we see today.

  • And follow by Yangminghan National Park. In the evening, enjoy a fun time of shopping a tasting of delicious Taiwanese snacks at Taiwan largest and most popular Shihlin Night Market.



  • In the morning, visit National Museum of Taiwan's Democracy (C.K.S Memorial Hall); overlooking the landscape garden, graceful pavilion and placid ponds witness the elaborate and graceful changing of guards' ceremony at Martyr' Shrine.

  • Next we shall move on to Xi Men Ding, a shopping area, where you can check out Taiwan's latest fashion and trendy clothing's.

  • Next move on to Tamsui Old street, will reward your gastronomic desires, you must try the famous "Grandma's iron egg". Follow by Fishermen Wharf.

    Day 8: SINGAPORE

  • After breakfast, transfer to the Airport for your flight back to Singapore. We hope you have had a memorable time in Taiwan!

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