Gaga International Theater

Gaga International Theater

A complete shows of the essence of Atayal culture.

With the special effect, lighting and sound effect provided by professional technicians, this theater is the largest professional international theater in the domestic sightseeing scenic spot.

Show Time : 10:00, 11:30, 14:00, 15:30

Ticket Rate : Adult NT$500 Special NT$350 Group NT$350

Taiwanese Jam

Taiwanese Jam

Taiwanese Food

Taiwanese Food

Taiwanese Tea

Taiwanese Tea
Naluwan Spring Resort Hotel

About Naluwan Spring Resort Hotel

Naluwan Spring Resort Hotel is located at Wulai waterfall.

Enjoy the cherry blossom of spring, stream of summer, gourmet of autumn and the spring of winter.

We are inviting you to enjoy the beauty of four seasons.

Naluwan Spring Resort Hotel Room Style and Tariff

Additional 10% service charge for Fri. and Sat. Tariff for ordinary day

Face garden 1 twin bed NT$3600
Face waterfall 1 twin bed NT$4200
Face garden 2 single beds NT$4200
Face waterfall 2 single beds NT$4500
Face garden 1 twin + 1 single bed NT$5400
Face waterfall 1 twin + 1 single bed NT$5600
Face waterfall 2 twin beds NT$6000
Face waterfall Japanese style room NT$6200
Naluwan Spring Resort Room

Naluwan Resort Hotel Conference Services

International Conference Hall Medium Conference Hall
Capacity : 150 person NT$8000/period Capacity : 50 person NT$5000/period
Business Conversation Room 3 Time Periods Per Day
Capacity : 12 person NT$3000/period 08:00-12:00 / 13:00-17:00 / 18:00-22:00
Conference Leisure Package

This includes charge for 3 meals 1 night, accommodation+1 conference room, teaching equipment, access of leisure facilities.

Conference Leisure Package (A), special offer NT$3333 per person

Conference Leisure Package (B), special offer NT$2666 per person

(10% service charge shall be added for the above price offered.)

Ataya Originality Restaurant

Atayal Originality Restaurant

There are can accommodate 450 persons. Supplies the most original and the freshest originality seasonal dishes.

Da-Yan Deluxe Spring Suite

Da-yan Deluxe Spring Suite

Wulai spring belongs in acid spring, it's clear, odorless, with a weak alkalis spring can unwind the nerves and benefit one's health.

Guest Room Services

  • Additional 10% service charge for Fri and Sat.

  • We offer accommodating guests preferential prices for sat at International Rock Spring or Chu Lung Villa.

  • Check In PM 03:00 Check Out PM 12:00

  • Hot spring % Chinese tea are provided for the guest rooms.

  • Free buffet breakfast

  • Access all leisure facilities at free charge.

  • Free shuttle bus service to Nei Dong Forest Recreation Park

    Leisure Facilities

    Lobby, Tea, Art Area, Shopping Area, Gaga International Theater, Library, Bridge Room, Mahjong Room, Table Tennis Room, Kid's Play Room, Waterfall viewing Cafe's, Slok Karaoke, Conference Hall

    Wulai Travel Information

    Wulai Travel Information Guide

    Best Way To Go To Wulai By Bus, How To Go To Wulai By Bus

    Bus (Shin-Dian bus) - Ching Dow East Road, Taipei City - Roosevelt Rd - Shin Dian - Chju-chir - Wulai last stop

    Best Way To Go To Wulai By MRT, How To Go To Wulai By MRT Train

    MRT (Shin-Dian Line) - Taipei main station - Shin Dian station - transferring to Shin-Dian bus - Wulau Bus station

    Best Way To Go To Wulai By Car, How To Go To Wulai By Car

    Car (From Taipei) - Taipei - Roosevelt Rd - Pei-Shin Rd - Pei Yi Rd - Shih-wu Rd - Wulai

    From Yilan - Yilan - Pei Yi Rd - Shih-wu Rd - Wulai

    From No.1 Freeway - Yuan Shan Interchange - Jien Guo Express - Shi Hi Rd - Kee Long overpass - Shin-Dian Huan He Express - Bitan - Pei Shin Rd - Pei-Yi Rd - Shih wu Rd - Wulai

    From No. 2 Freeway - Shin Dian Interchange - Pei Shin Rd - Pei-Yi Rd - Shih-wu Rd - Wulai

    Sightseeing in Wulai

    Sightseeing in Wulai the best way suggest by cage car. Meddle bus can parking at Wulai Vigor Village. Passenger can travel by cage car and through the Wulai street to get back to Wulai Parking.

    Tourist Attractions in Wulai

    Wulai Waterfall

    Wulai Waterfall

    Height of Wulai Waterfall is 82 metres, with width 10 metres. The misty and aerial waterfall seems like water column falling abruptly from the cloud.

    Wulai Cage Car

    Wulai Cage Car

    It is the transportation between the sightseeing bridge to waterfalls for visitors and tourists.

    Wulai Shopping Street

    Wulai Street

    All about of "Atayal Cuisine", rice wine, spring egg, souvenir, spring house ect on this street.

    Wulai Atayal Museum

    Introduction to the life and culture of the Atayals in this museum combines Wulai's unique native characteristics with the cultural spirit of the Atayal tribe.

    Nei-Dong Forest Theme Park

    It is located at Hsin-Hesin village in Wulai and it is also a popular scenic spot.

    Because of the slant steep riverbed, a three floor high waterfall is seen here.

    There are release ten thousand anion everyday and it is good for health.

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