DOVER MRT Station TO DOWNTOWN MRT Station, Singapore

How to get to Downtown MRT Station from Dover MRT Station by Train?

    Step By Step Guide

  • Destination : Downtown MRT Station
    Address : 15 Central Boulevard, Singapore 018969
  • Make your way towards Dover MRT Station Walking
    • Walk to Dover walking 1 min 71 m
    • Take Entrance B walking 1 min 37 m
    • Start your journey from Dover MRT Station. For assistance on train fares, tickets, prices, payment methods or EZ-Link smart card information, please approach SMRT Passenger Customer Service Counter at the station or refer to official SMRT website for details.
    • Take East West Line train towards Pasir Ris, for 8 stations to Raffles Place. Subway SMRT 16 mins 10.0 km Train, Subway, Rail
    • Change train at Raffles Place MRT Station. Transfer
    • Take North South Line train towards Marina South Pier, for 1 station to Marina Bay. Subway SMRT 2 mins 1.0 km Train, Subway, Rail
    • Walk to 018969, 15 Central Blvd, Downtown, Singapore walking 3 mins 0.3 km
    • Head North West on Central Blvd toward Marina Way
      Destination will be on the Left
      walking 3 mins 0.3 km
  • Arrive at Downtown MRT Station. You have reached your train station destination.
  • Estimated Travel Time : 32 mins
  • Total Station Stops : 9 stops
  • Total Train Transfer : 1
  • Total Travel Distance : 11.3 km
  • Total Estimated Walking Distance : 333 m / 0.33 km
  • Data updated as of 26 Oct 2021

MRT Route Map To Downtown

How do we decide on the MRT route, direction and transfer if any to get to Downtown MRT Station from Dover MRT Station?

The route, mode of transport (vehicle) and directions to Downtown MRT Station from Dover MRT Station above is derived based on the best possible route optimised with the least amount of walking distance.

The direction service shows routes via train or subway (MRT), tram or light rail (LRT or monorail), or bus..

It does not take into account of having to take any additional bus or having fewer train transfers at stations/interchanges in exchange for walking longer distances to a nearby alternative MRT station for best possible route.
  • Which public transport operators are running the route above from Dover MRT Station to Downtown MRT Station?

      There is 1 public transport operator running the route above. It is SMRT .

      Tickets And Information Telephone Hotline

      SMRT Customer Service Hotline Tel No : 1800 336 8900

  • What is the cheapest way to travel in Singapore?

    Taking MRT train, LRT tram and Bus in Singapore are the cheapest forms of public transport options available in Singapore.

    The average cost per MRT train ride is estimated to be anywhere around SGD$1.00 to SGD$3.00.

  • How far is it from Dover MRT Station to Downtown MRT Station?

    The distance between Dover MRT Station and Downtown MRT Station is 11.3 km.

  • Is there a direct train between Dover MRT Station and Downtown MRT Station?

    There is no direct train between Dover MRT Station and Downtown MRT Station.

    However, there are train services departing from Dover MRT Station and require 1 train transfer via Raffles Place MRT Station to arrive at Downtown MRT Station.

  • Taxi from Dover MRT Station to Downtown MRT Station

    Comfort Delgro Taxi / CityCab

    Phone : +65 6552 1111

    Website :

    SMRT Taxi

    Phone : +65 6555 8888

    Website :

    Premier Taxi

    Phone : +65 6214 8880

    Website :

    Prime Taxi

    Phone : +65 6778 0808

    Website :

    Trans Cab

    Phone : +65 6555 3333

    Website :

    HDT Electric Taxi

    Phone : +65 6258 8888

    Website :

    Yellow Top Taxi

    Phone : +65 6293 5545


    Phone : +65 6342 5222

  • How do I travel from Dover MRT Station to Downtown MRT Station without a car?

    The best way to get from Dover MRT Station to Downtown MRT Station without a car is to take MRT train which takes about 32 mins and average train fare ticket price of around SGD$1.00 - SGD$3.00.

  • Is this MRT travel guide for me?

    If you are keen on taking any public transport such as train MRT, light rail LRT or bus with the least walking distance available and don't mind the extra transfer or more time taken to complete the travel journey, then this MRT travel guide is for you.

  • Why is it important to plan your route in advance?

    Do take note that construction projects, weather or traffic conditions, MRT train breakdown or service disruption, or any other events may result in a change in the actual route from the suggested route and directions map above.

    Walking directions are in beta. Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.

    Please plan your route accordingly and obey all signs and notices with regards to the route you are taking.

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