A Step Into Noboribetsu Date Jidai Mura is a step back in time to the glorious days of the Edo Period

A step into Noboribetsu Date Jidai Mura is a step back in time to the glorious days of the Edo period.

This theme park is a timeless world where you can relive one of the most exciting eras in Japanese history through costumes, martial arts and entertainment.

Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura

Noboribetsu Date Jidai Mura

Splendour Of Northern Japan

The spacious grounds recreate the sights and sounds of the Date fiefdom, the largest in Northern Japan.

Let yourself drift back to a more relaxing, exotic time as you stroll along with samurai and townspeople down streets lined with reproductions of traditional buildings.

The Edo Period (1603-1867), Japanese History

In 1603, Japan's government passed into the hands of Tokugawa Ieyasu, who established a military shogunate which was to last for an unprecedented 264 years.

As the warrior class broke away from the imperial court, the center of government was moved from Kyoto to Tokyo.

During this period, Japan was closed to the rest of the world, but internally its culture a nd economy flourished.

Noboribetsu Map

Noboribetsu Map

Ninja : Shadow People, Secret Maneouvers

The ninja were mysterious figures, whose basic function was to carry out covert operations for their feudal lords. They served as spies and as fighters capable of great stealth.

Although skillful at combat, they emphasized escape rather than fighting, which led them to develop many secret evasion techniques.

While the ninja remained underground, schools of ninja technique sprang up all over the country. Some of the most famous were the Iga School, The Koga School and the Togakushi School.

Oiran : Flowers Of The Night

The Oiran were courtesans who excelled at various arts including poetry, calligraphy, tea ceremony and music. They were of such high class, that only the samurai and the rich could afford their charms.

For the common folk, the only chance to even see Oiran was when they walked the town surrounded by a large number of attendants.

These processions capture the spectacle and elegance of the Edo pleasure quarters.

Edo Townsperson Experience

Experience for yourself a pleasant day in the life of a typical Edo townsperson as you submerge yourself in the customs and manners of the period.

Study Japan's culture and experience its traditional entertainments. Treat yourself to a walk around the streets brimming with the spirit of old Edo and you will feel just like and Edo townsperson.

How To Go To Noboribetsu Edo Theme Park?

By Car : From Sapporo. Take the Do-o Expressway to the Noboribetsu Higashi exit. The park is a further 3 minutes drive.

By Train : From Sapport JR Station : Local train (approximately 2 1/4 hours).

Take the Chitose Line to Tomakomai Station. Change to the Muroran Line and get off at Noboribetsu Station. Transfer to a bus for "Noboribetsu Hot Spring".

It is approximately 8 minutes by bus to the park. Express trains (approx. 1 hour). Take the Hakodate bound "Hokuto" or "Super Hokuto", or the Higashi-Muroran bound "Suzuran" Limited Express to Noboribetsu.

Transfer to a bus for "Noboribetsu Hot Spring". It is approximately 8 minutes by bus to the park.

Things To See And Do

Nyan Mage Theater

Come and join the Nyan-mage family for a samurai drama!

House of Ghosts and Monsters

Amaze at the displays of figures and tricks showcasing some of Japan's oldest and scariest ghouls.

House of Ghosts and Monsters

House of Ghosts and Monster

Japanese Culture Theater

Come and experience first hand a day in the dazzling and exotic life of Edo's historical Yoshiwara pleasure quarters.

O-nyanko Cat Temple

This is a peaceful temple housing a giant gold lucky status...or is it? Legend has it this is just a clever disguise to hide the real residents of this 'haunted' temple. Come and see for yourself.

Onyanko Cat Temple

Onyanko Cat Temple

History Theater

You will laugh, you will cry.. Escape back in time with this thrilling historical drama which evokes the exciting life and times of Edo period Japan.

History Theater

History Theater


Try your hand at shooting an air gun or throwing darts (500 ryo for 5)

Practice Do-jo

The place for fun and games! Test your aim with darts, arrows and quoits (500 ryo for 5), or take your chances with the traditional Japanese lottery and dice games where everyone wins something. (500 ryo per try)

Kasumi Ninja House

This is your chance to enter the mysterious world of the Ninja. The exciting Ninja battle action will dazzle your eyes and take your breath away.

Kasumi Ninja House

Kasumi Ninja House

Ninja Maze

Could you be a ninja? Can you escape from this maze full of tricks and traps? Come test yourself.

Ninja Arts Experience

Watch out! Ninja are everywhere in the park. Whether you are watching them in the heat of action or training to be one, you will be amazed and enthralled.

Ninja Fortress

This 10 meter high fortress is the scene for a thrilling outdoor action show. You will marvel at the amazing skills of the nimble-bodied ninja.

Ninja Resource Center

Come and see an exhibition of all the tools of the ninja trade :- Swords, throwing stars and spikes

Throwing Star Dojo

Become a ninja-in-training by trying your hand at throwing stars.

Merchants' Lane

Take a stroll along this pleasant shopping street and browse the shops for a taste of old Edo.

Kuma-san Lodge

Visit this reconstruction of typical Edo living quarters for a unique glimpse into how the common people really lived.

Terakoya Temple School

Slip into a kimono and travel back in time to experience for yourself the classic formality of study in a traditional Temple School. Groups of 20 or more, by reservation only.

What is a I'kawaya'?

That's what they used to call a toilet in the Edo period.

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