About Royal Pantheon and Library

On a broad, raised marble terrace are the Prasad Phra Thep Bidom (Royal Pantheon), the Phra Mondop (library), and a golden chedi erected by King Mongkut.

The Royal Pantheon contains life-sized statues of the Chakri kings and is open to the public only on Chakri Day, 6 April. In front of it stand marvellous gilded statues of mythological creatures.

The original pantheon was built in 1855, but was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1903.

Behind the Pantheon to the west is the Phra Mondop (library), surrounded by statues of sacred white elephants. (The white eleplant, which once roamed the kingdom, is the symbol of royal power.)

Royal Pantheon

Royal Pantheon

The library was erected to hold the Tripitaka, the holy Buddhist scriptures. The original library was also destroyed by fire, ignited by fireworks during festivities to celebrate its completion.

It is a delicate building rising skyward, and its glory is the multi-tiered roof fashioned like the crown of a Thai King.

Nearby is a large, detailed model of the famous Khmer temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The model was built by Mongkut to show his people what the temple looked like during the 16th century, when Thais ruled it.

On the way out of the complex is the Coins and Royal Decorations Museum (open daily; entrance fee). It has a collection of coins dating from the 11th century and also royal regalia, decorations and medals made of gold and precious stones.

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