Wat Rachanada

Located on the corner of Ratchadamnoen Avenue and Maha Chai Road, this is one of Bangkok's most interesting and lesser known temples. In the first courtyard is a famous amulet market, a veritable Aladdin's cave of talismans, Buddha statues and other religious objects.

Beyong are the temple's bot and two viharns. The former's interior is decorated with murals depicting paradise and hell, with groups of angels in various parts of the sky.

The left hand viharn is notable for its unusual design and numerous Ratanakosin-style Buddha images.

Unique to Wat Rachanada is the Loha Prasat (Metal Pavilion), a large, multi-spired pavilion raised on a three-step pyramid behind the main temple buildings.

Representing a legendary palace mentioned in the Buddhist chronicles, it is the only surviving building of its kind, similar structures in India and Sri Lanka having long since crumbled.

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