Sukhothai History - Travel Guide

By the early 13th century the power of the Khmer was waning while the Thais, who had been migrating steadily southwards from China, were gaining strength and setting up small autonomous settlements.

In the year 1238, the chieftains of two such Thai groups united their forces and founded the first sovereign Thai capital at Sukhothai.

One of the chieftains, Phor Khun Bang Klang Thao, was procalimed King, taking the title Sri Intradit and establishing the first Thai dynasty, Phra Ruang.

Gradually Sukhothai exerted its influence and during the third reign, that of King Ramkamhaeng (1279-99), the kingdom was consolidated, politically through territorial gains and culturally through the adoption of Theravada Buddhism.

Strong links were estalished with neighbouring China, and extensive trading relations with Cambodia and India. A cultural flowering came during the reign of King Lithai (1347-68), when distinctive Thai art and architectural styles achieved their first and some say, their finest expression.

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