Victory Liner Bus Fares and Schedule In Pasay Bus Terminal

Below are the Victory Liner bus schedules and fares going to Baguio, Cagayan Valley, Santiago, Roxas, Tabuk, Ilagan, Tuguegarao, Cauayan, Olongapo, Iba. Sta Cruz and Dagupan trips all departing from Pasay Bus Terminal in Manila Philippines.

All information are correct as of January 2022.

Regular Aircon Baguio Trips - Bus Fare P455

Morning Trips Afternoon Trips Night Trips
1.00am 12.00pm 6.00pm
2.00am 12.40pm 7.00pm
3.00am 1.00pm 8.00pm
4.00am 1.30pm 9.00pm
5.00am 2.00pm 10.00pm
6.00am 3.00pm 10.30pm
7.00am 4.00pm 11.00pm
8.00am 5.00pm 11.30pm
9.00am - -
10.00am - -
10.30am - -
11.00am (via Marquee) - -
11.30am - -

Victory Liner First Class With Baguio Trips (1x2 W/CR) : Bus Fare - P715

Morning Trips Afternoon Trips Night Trips
1.15am SCTEX 1.15pm SCTEX 11.45pm SCTEX
10.15am SCTEX - -
11.15am SCTEX - -

Tuguegarao - Cagayan Valley Bus Trip Schedule With Victory Liner

Morning Trips Afternoon Trips Night Trips
5.00am Tuguegarao 1.00pm Tuguegarao SCTEX 6.00pm Ilagan
7.00am Tuguegarao 3.00pm Tuguegarao SCTEX 6.30pm Tabuk/Roxas SCTEX
8.30am Tuguegarao (Deluxe) 5.00pm Roxas via San Mateo 7.00pm Tuguegarao (Deluxe)
10.30am Santiago - 7.30pm Tuguegarao (SCTEX)
- - 7.45pm Cauayan
- - 8.00pm Tuguegarao (Deluxe)
- - 8.30pm Ilagan
- - 9.00pm Tuguegarao (Deluxe)
- - 9.30pm Tuguegarao
- - 10.00pm Santiago
- - 10.30pm Roxas Cauayan
- - 11.00pm Tuguegarao
- - 11.30pm Tuguegarao

Victory Liner Bus Fare From Pasay To

Destination City Aircon Deluxe
Santiago P408 P650
Cauayan P460 P650
Roxas P508 -
Tabuk P576 -
Ilagan P498 P650
Tuguegarao P606 P750

Olongapo Bus Trip Schedule And Fare With Victory Liner From Pasay Bus Terminal

Trip Time Schedule Bus Fare
First Trip (First Bus) - 1.30am every 30 minutes P218
Last Trip (Last Bus) - 9.00pm via SCTEX P245

Iba Sta. Cruz Bus Trip Schedule And Fare With Victory Liner From Pasay Bus Terminal

Trip Time Bus Fare
5.00am (IBA) P357
10.30am (IBA) P357
12.00pm (IBA) P357
11.30pm (IBA) P357
1.00pm (STA. CRUZ) P466

Dagupan Trip Victory Liner Bus Schedule From Pasay Bus Terminal - Bus Fare P316

Morning Trips Afternoon Trips Night Trips
3.20am (First Bus) 12.00pm (First Bus) 6.00pm (First Bus / Dagupan)
4.00am 12.30pm (Lingayen) 6.40pm
5.20am 1.00pm (Dagupan) 7.20pm
6.20am 1.30pm (Dagupan) 8.00pm
7.20am 2.30pm (Dagupan) 8.40pm
8.00am 3.00pm (Lingayen) 9.45pm
8.20am 3.30pm (Dagupan) -
8.40am 4.00pm (Dagupan) -
10.00am 4.30pm (Dagupan) -
10.40am 5.20pm (Lingayen) -
11.20am - -

Note: Bus trip schedules and fares shown above are subject to change without prior notice.

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