Indian Classical Music

Listen to recitals of Indian classical music at The India International Centre. Many of the lectures and performances are free.

India Gate

Visit India Gate lawns in the night. You will see India at her most warmest when you observe families catching up, watching the stars in the sky, generally relaxing.

Theatre In Delhi

The theatre - go visit a show to see classical dances as well as contemporary Indian stage productions. The British Council, The Royal Force to name a few have auditoriums.

Delhi Nightlife

The nightlife in Delhi - Delhi has really good nightspots. It's on par with Europe, so dress up and be surprised by the music selection. You have not partied until you dance the night away in Delhi.

Local Bookshop in Delhi

Go to a local bookshop where you may meet writers of great repute. If you have the courage, talk to them.

Other Travel Tips In Delhi

  • Enjoy the masala tea.
  • Walk. And walk some more. It's the best way to discover Delhi.
  • Learn an Indian song and sing.
  • Wildlife tours - go to a travel agency and hook up with a local wildlife tour agency that can take you out of the city to explore the wilds.
  • Buy yourself a saree and go out in it. You will delight the locals!

  • Delhi Shopping

    Delhi is unique in that it has representative outlets for the handicrafts of each Indian state. This in itself presents a staggering array of goods, and at very affordable priecs.

    In the last decade there has been a dramatic change in Delhi's markets.

    Upwardly mobile lifestyle has led to greater sophistication in display and upgrading of items.

    Shopping in Delhi

    Delhi Shopping

    Chandni Chowk

    Look for Dariba, the silver market, Khari Baoli, the spice market and Kinari Bazaar for trimmings and tinsel. In some of these bazaars the item for sale are manufactured at site, which lands a special charm to the shopping experience.

    Well integrated into the culture of the old city, these bazaars offer the visitor a glimpse of life in Old Delhi.

    Delhi Shopping

    Delhi Shopping

    Rajouri Garden Market

    This is the biggest and most popular market in New Delhi. It caters to mostly a collage crowd but when there's a bargain.. Rajouri is just waiting to explode. Within Rajouri are stores such as Bombay Selections.

    Shakuntalam, Katyal Traders, Chichilla. Appeal, Brightways exclusively that cater to women and children. The market is popular for ladies garments. It is also well known for its exotic crystals and precious stones.

    Hauz Khas Village

    The speciality of this place is that it has only traditional stuff. Though a very small market yet it encompasses the stuff from entire India. Immense care has been taken to retain the village appearance of the market.

    There are ethnic showrooms in the narrow bylanes of the village. They are set up in a zig-zag manner and the protruding buildings lend an authentic traditional touch to the place.

    Connought Place

    One of the best places to shop is Janpath at Connought Place. With its central location and ample parking space. It's a haven for shoppers. New shopping centres have cropped up. To accommodate the refugee vendors a new shopping area, Janpath, was developed.

    It is also a place where every young man and young girl want to be seen. Within Connought Place are stores such as Roop General's Stores for cosmetics. Lakshmi book store, Kalaniketan for the trendiest shoes and Bon Ton for fashionable sunglasses. One must also mention Bookland and Pratap.

    Jama Masjid

    Antiques, antiques, antiques : Antique chairs, centuries old ceramicware, dusty books, this is like Aladdin's cave of hard to find objects. You will even question some of the things you will see in the shop.

    What were they for? Why were they invented? The shopowner has a tale for everything, so be friendly and you might hear a tale straight from the Arabian nights.

    Chatta Chowk, Red Fort

    Red Fort is a historical area in Delhi. Built by a Mughal Emperor, it is renowned for gemstones and beautiful jewellery. Chatta Chowk is lined with shops originally where the royal household used to shop for silks, brocades, velvets, gold and silver ware, jewellery, gems etc.

    Crafts Museum Shop

    Indian crafts can be found here in great abundance. It's a tourist trap, but if you want convenient shopping, this is a good place for souvenirs. You won't have to think what to buy for whom!

    Mehtauli, Khirkee and Lado Serai

    These three villages are artisan villages, which mean artists and craftsmen create and sell their works. Visit them if only to see these individuals at work and be inspired by the creativity.

    Qutub Minar

    A more up market outlet for Indian handicrafts and antiques is the bazaar at Qutub Minar. It's pricier but you are assured of more genuine goods and better quality. The crowd is also more discerning, so make sure you dress well when you visit.

    Santushi Shopping Arcade

    The Santushi Shopping Arcade opposite the Ashoka Hotel has become another popular up market haunt. Developed by the Air Force Wives Association, it has a select number of boutiques where apparel, furnishings and accessories are available.

    This is where the hoi-polloi of Delhi come to mingle and be seen.

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