Tipu Sultan's Palace

Tipu Sultan's modest palace is notable for its elegant teak pillar. It was begun by Hyder Ali and completed by Tipu in 1791 on the site of the Palace belonging to the Gowda clan. Next to the Palace is the small but ornate Venkataramana Temple dating from the Gowda Era. The main shrine is covered with statues of the gods.

Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

Bull Temple

Situated on Bugle Hill at the southern end this is one of Bangalore's oldest temples. Built by Kempe-Gowda in the Dravidian style in the 16th century, it contains a huge granite monolith on Nandi (Shiva's bull vehicle) similar to the one on Mysore's Chamundi Hill.

Bangalore Palace

You would not expect to find a replica of Windsor Castle in the middle of India, but here it is complete with granite turrets, towers and battlements. The Palace was built in 1880 and later bought and extended by the Wodeyar Rajas of Mysore.

The massive grounds include a formal garden. The Wodeyar family and the Karnataka government have been engaged in a long struggle over who owns this valuable piece of real estate. The Palace is opened to visitors in the first wek of November.

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