Redang Island

Redang Island or Pulau Redang has bountiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue sea making it a perfect underwater world tourist spot in Peninsular Malaysia.

Being located 45 km offshore of Terengganu,the Redang archipelago comprises of 9 sub islands.

They are the Lima Island, Paku Besar Island, Paku Kecil Island, Kerengga Besar Island, Kerengga Kecil Island,Ekor Tebu Island, Ling Island, Pinang Island and Redang Island.

Redang Island

Redang Island

Marine Life At Redang

With wide varieties of marine fishes, turtles and coral reefs, this archipelago ensures a great snorkelling and scuba-diving experience for anyone who loves sea and water sports.

Redang Island

Redang Island is approximately 7km in length and 6km in width and is the largest of all other islands in the Marine Park.

There are about 600 species of live corals and more than 1000 species of invertebrates.

Its wide collection of fishes (estimated almost 3000) includes manta rays, stingrays, sharks and whale sharks, all living together in the reefs fringing the islands.

This place is absolutely a real paradise for divers and snorkerllers.

Hill View of Bay Redang

Bay Redang Hill View

Divers And Underwater Photographers

Diving enthusiasts and underwater photographers will definitely be amazed by the beautiful sceneries of the islands. The island is actually ranked as the best coral reef in the world.

Besides the diving spots attractions, there are also some shipwrecks near Pinang Island and black coral garden both located nearby Lima Island.

There is a Mini Mount situated between Kerenggan Besar Island (bigger kerenggan island) and Kerenggan Kecil Island (smaller kerenggan island).

There are two historic shipwrecks at Redang waters. The H.M.S Prince of Wales and H.M.S. Repulse were sunk here during the World War 2, setting the stage for the Japanese occupation of Malaya in 1942.

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