Koh Samui Nature

Koh Samui still has plenty to offer those in search of a more natural island experience. The tropical vegetation, concealed waterfalls, indigenous species and limestone rock formations make for a fascinating ecological tour and the National Marine Park just south of the island is considered a natural wonder of the world by many of those who visit.

All this unspoilt beauty constitutes a delicate resource for the region, so please preserve and protect Samui and its sister island's environment so that others will be able to enjoy and benefit from it as much as you do.

Waterfalls In Koh Samui

There are three impressive waterfalls on Koh Samui. Na Muang 1 and 2 in the south western part of the island, and Hin Lad waterfall just outside Nathon town.

Koh Samui Waterfall

Koh Samui Waterfall

Namuang 1

This is the most easily reached, as there is a proper access road located just off the island road about five minutes after Hua Thanon fishing village.

This leads directly to the pool where water comes splashing down from the mountain. There are parking and refreshment facilities here, and elephant treks are also available.

The walk up the side of the waterfall is quite steep, but natural steps of root and stone make the going relatively easy on the legs.

Namuang 2

This one is larger than number one and therefore also more spectacular. A longer concrete road leads from the main island road not far past the Namuang 1 turning and arrives at a dirt track, from which it's a ten minute walk to the oase of the falls.

There is a path up the side but this can be quite a challenge and it can get slippery when there is a lot of water splashing past so sensible footwear is advisable. There are also elephants here if you would rather ride up to the top.

Hin Lad Waterfall

The Hin Lad waterfall is located in a slightly more remote setting than the Namuang falls. A proper sealed road leads to a car park at the base from the main intersection and traffic lights south of Nathon town.

From there it's a good twenty to thirty minute hike up the side of the waterfall, crossing streams and climbing over rocks as you go. Strong shoes and mosquito protection are recommended but when you reach the cool swimming pool at the top Hin Lad can be wonderful pace to relax close to the sounds and sights of Mother Nature.

There is also an interesting temple at the base of the waterfall with moral guidance inscribed on the tree trunks and a pleasant garden full of wild flowers and shrubs.

Hin Lad Waterfall Ko Samui

Hin Lad Waterfall Koh Samui

Rock Formations In Koh Samui - Hin Da and Hin Yai

These formations are perhaps the islands' most visited attraction after the Big Buddha temple.

Named Grandfather and Grandmother Rock in English, and situated a few kilometres south west of Lamai, these two ancient stones have been slowly chiselled by sea, wind and rain into surprisingly accurate reproductions of male and female genitalia.

It's certainly a sight well worth recording on film, and a postcard is also a good idea in case the photos don't come out clearly. There are some nice little shops selling coconut handicrafts on the road down to the stones, and the sea provides a lovely deep blue view.

Please remember to keep Samui clean when visiting the island's attractions.

The Overlap Stone

The Overlap Stone is a giant boulder that hangs what seems quite perilously over a steep cliff edge above Lamai beach. The track that leads to it is on the non beach side of the road about a kilometre from Hin Da and Hin Yai, and this is also on a sharp incline so it's best attempted either on a proper dirt bike for those with experience riding, or on foot.

Walking up is quite a trek, so take plenty of water and you will be rewarded with a scary balancing act as well as some fine views of the southern part of the island in all its tropical glory.

Travel Note

With so many visitors coming to this part of the world, care and attention are especially important in fragile natural areas. Please respect the incredible nature around you and encourage others to do the same.

Above all, remember to take nothing away but photographs, and leave nothing behind but your footprints.

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