Diving And Snorkelling Trips Around Koh Samui

The waters around Koh Samui are warm, clear and full of interesting sea life. This makes the area ideal for diving and snorkelling trips, and in recent years the small islands scattered in the sea around Koh Tao have become increasingly popular with underwater adventurers from all over the world, mere are several Dive Schools based on Samui and below is a list of the sites they regularly visit on dive expeditions.

The usual panoply of watersports are available, including plenty of dive shops, but most diving is done either in the nearby Angthong Marine National Park or Ko Tao as the visibility around Samui's sandy beaches tends to be poor.

You can book diving day trips at dive shops, most of which are based in Chaweng. The dive boats tend to leave from the pier at Bophut.

Chumphon Pinnacles

Another impressive location situated eleven kilometres northwest of Koh Tao. The one large, and several smaller rocky outcroppings attract Pink Anemone fish, Batfish, and large shoafs of larger fish like Barracuda and Jacks.

The main pinnacle starts fourteen metres below the surface and drops to a depth of 36 metres. It may also be possible to see large Grouper at Chumhpon pinnacles as well as the other pelagic species like the Sharks and Rays that also seasonally visit sail rock.

Like the white-eyed Moray eel, the blue spotted ray and some lively but aggressive Pink Triggerfish that hide in the sand. Closer to the surface brightly coloured Parrot fish feed from the rock and you may also spot a Hawksbill turtle as it glides gracefully by.

Sail Rock Samui

Sail Rock Samui

Sail Rock

Probably the most famous dive site in the region, Sail Rock is a forty metre pinnacle that rising fifteen metres above the surface of the sea. The rock plays host to literally thousands of fish as well as other vibrant marine species such a Sea Anemones, and during certain seasons it may even be possible to spot Whale Sharks and Manta Rays in the vicinity.

There is also a spectacular 'chimney' rock formation that is big enough to swim through from eighteen metres up to six where the light entering the tunnel makes for some impressive underwater views. Sail rock is located forty-five kilometres from Koh Samui half way between Koh Phangan and Koh Tao.

Nangyuan Pinnacle and Twins

The popular day trip and snorkelling island of Koh Nangyuan also offers good diving opportunities with three dive sites located in its immediate vicinity. Nangyuan pinnacle is a short swim from the main island and starts a metre below the surface, and the Twins are just off the west coast of Koh Nanqyuan and consist of two rock formations from six metres down to eighteen metres.

Both sites are frequented by large numbers of tropical reef fish. You can see Clown fish, Pink Anemone fish and black and white Sergeant Major fish at these sites, and also look out for some large Grouper and colourful Wrasse at the Twins site.

White Rock

This is another popular dive site from Koh Tao as it is only twenty-two metres deep and therefore good both for beginners and nignt dives. There are some beautiful Angel, Parrot and Butterfly fish at this site, but watch out for some angry Titan Trigger fish that will dart out to defend their nest if you get too close.

At night you can see colourful shellfish including lobster, as well some sleeping Parrotfish and less docile Barracuda that follow the divers lights to feed.

Southwest Pinnacles

As the name suggests, this series of steep, rocky towers that start at thirty metres and rise to five are situated in the open sea to the South West of Koh Tao.

Sea life here includes spectacular Leopard Sharks resting in the sandy seabed, plus more shoals of Barracuda and the occasional Blue Spotted ray, as well as a host of smaller but equally fascinating marine species.

Shark Island

The Shark Island was so named because of the populations of Reef and Leopard Sharks that frequent the deeper waters around a small island. This is indeed a famous site not far from Koh Tao with a gentle slope down to twenty-eight metres.

This makes it an excellent choice for novice divers or for divers under training. The colourful coral gardens and large numbers of reef fish such as Angel and Banner fish make this an enjoyable multi-level dive. Do not forget to keep a watchful eye out for resident Hawksbill Turtles.

Green Rock

The green rock is located to the north of Koh Nangyuan, near Koh Tao the larae boulder formations at Green Rock have created a series of spectacular swim-throughs that is excellent for seeing a wide range of fabulous creatures.

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