Route Map To Yishun Clubfitt Gym

Displaying recommended public transport and walking directions route map from Redhill MRT Station to Yishun Clubfitt Gym, a Fitness and Conditioning Centre (FCC) Place/Building (Sports) by taking the TRANSIT public transport mode.

Questions And Answers

  • Which public transport operators are running the route above from Redhill MRT Station to Yishun Clubfitt Gym?
    • There is 1 public transport operator running the route above. It is 1:SMRT .

    • Tickets And Information Telephone Hotline

  • Is there a direct train, bus or tram from Redhill MRT Station to Yishun Clubfitt Gym?
    There is no direct train, bus or tram to get from REDHILL MRT STATION to YISHUN CLUBFITT GYM . However, there are train services available and you need to take 2 train rides.

    The entire journey consists of 1 transfer. The transfer will take place at the following station/stop :

  • How many MRT Interchanges do I need to make a transfer?
    There are 1 MRT Interchanges which you need to make a transfer at. All transfers are within walking distance.
  • How much is the total ticket/fare price to go from Redhill MRT Station to Yishun Clubfitt Gym ?
    The total public transport price ticket/fare for the entire trip from Redhill MRT Station to Yishun Clubfitt Gym is about $2.03.
  • How long will it take to get to Yishun Clubfitt Gym?
    The entire journey takes about 52 minutes.
  • Is Yishun Clubfitt Gym the only place listed under our Sports / Fitness and Conditioning Centres (FCC) category?
    No. There are a total of 14 Fitness and Conditioning Centres (FCC) found in our places/buildings directory database.

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