Route Map To Home Team Academy

Displaying recommended public transport and walking directions route map from Woodlands North MRT Station to Home Team Academy, a Civil Defence Camp Place/Building (Civil Defence) by taking the TRANSIT public transport mode.

Questions And Answers

  What factors do we based upon for the route directions, transfers and transit vehicles to get to Home Team Academy from Woodlands North MRT Station?

Firstly we try to limit the maximum walking distance to around 500m only ( Note: Sometimes it will exceed). This way, we are able to get the most convenient transit route possible to get to Home Team Academy from Woodlands North MRT Station. For the above travel journey, the total Walking Distance of 1,952m exceeds by 1,452m from the 500m maximum walking distance requirement.

Secondly, we only use public transport option for transit route guide to Civil Defence / Civil Defence Camps in Singapore.

For the no of transfers, it depends on the travel time, public transport vehicle used and other factors as well. The directions route service will try to return the best route possible from the MRT Station to the Civil Defence (Civil Defence Camps) place/building. However do take note that it will not always adhere to our max walking distance requirement.

The walking distance shown on the route map above are usually shorter than other journey planners/map service providers because it takes a shortcut through housing blocks, buildings or walking path instead of taking the usual street or road route.
  • Why do we select the maximum walking distance to be around 500 metres?
    The walking distance from a HDB flat to the nearest bus stop in our opinion is anywhere between 200-500 metres plus/minus 100 metres. According to a report by Statista, in 2020, the average walking distance on a commute trip in Singapore amounted to 576 meters.

    However, this statistic includes the average walking distance to all forms of public transport, including buses, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), and Light Rail Transit (LRT). Thus 500m to us is like the magic number.
  • What public transport vehicles are we displaying for the route directions and transfers?
    The route data shows transit routes via train or subway (MRT), tram, light rail or monorail (LRT), or bus depending on the transport mode selected above with the remainder of the trip being accomplished via walking. The default transport mode setting is Transit.

    For every station/stop, there is a corresponding unique MRT/LRT station code or Bus stop code (which you can find on every bus stop or train station) and the start time displayed as well. We will display the right arrow sign should there be any transfer needed, from train to bus or bus to LRT/tram for example.
  • Can it display multiple bus services running the same route to get from Woodlands North MRT Station to Home Team Academy
    For bus trips, we will display multiple bus line service nos if available for your trip in order for you to reach your destination faster by reducing your waiting time at the bus stop. It's always good to plan your trip in advance.

    For the trip above, bus service numbers available along the route are :-
    • 160

    • 975

    For all transit trips from start to end, we will display all intermediate MRT stations or bus stops as well so that you can easily track the progress of each route while on your way and plan ahead for the next part of the journey.
  • Which public transport operators are running the route above from Woodlands North MRT Station to Home Team Academy?
    • There are 2 public transport operators running the route above. They are 1:SBST and 1:SMRT .

    • Tickets And Information Telephone Hotline

  • Why are the Walking Directions not specific? I do not see any street name or road name mentioned and which path (north, west etc..) to walk to.
    The journey planner is mainly focused in providing detailed transit route guide information by public transport to the user. Thus we do not have much information when it comes to specific walking directions. eg. Head North on Street A, Turn Right to Road B, Cross the Road for example. We do not provide any street or road names as well for walking directions.

    We noticed that if the walking directions will be quite far from point A to B, the journey planner is going to be very long and will overwhelm the user viewing it. This will lead to a poor experience for those using the travel guide overall. Thus we only provide a simple generic guide when it comes to walking directions.

    You can still make use of the route map above which has walking routes drawn as well (dark grey color) to guide you along the way to your destination.
  • Is there a direct train, bus or tram from Woodlands North MRT Station to Home Team Academy?
    There is no direct train, bus or tram to get from WOODLANDS NORTH MRT STATION to HOME TEAM ACADEMY . However, there are bus services available and you need to take 2 bus rides.

    The entire journey consists of 1 transfer. The transfer will take place at the following station/stop :

  • How much is the total ticket/fare price to go from Woodlands North MRT Station to Home Team Academy ?
    The total public transport price ticket/fare for the entire trip from Woodlands North MRT Station to Home Team Academy is about $1.88.
  • How do I travel from Woodlands North MRT Station to Home Team Academy without a car?
    The best way to get from WOODLANDS NORTH MRT STATION to HOME TEAM ACADEMY without a car is to take a Bus.
  • How long will it take to get to Home Team Academy?
    The entire journey takes about 1 hour 21 minutes.
  • Why is it important to plan your route in advance?
    Do take note that construction projects, weather or traffic conditions, MRT train breakdown or service disruption, or any other events may result in a change in the actual route from the suggested route and directions map above.

    Please plan your route accordingly and obey all signs and notices with regards to the route you are taking.

    Route Planning in Advance Route Planning in Advance
  • Is Home Team Academy the only place listed under our Civil Defence / Civil Defence Camps category?
    No. There are a total of 2 Civil Defence Camps found in our places/buildings directory database.
  • Is there a time limit to MRT/LRT travel?
    Yes there is. If you exceed the 120-minute time limit, your stored value travel card will not work at the fare gate. To exit, you'll need to pay a $2.00 administrative fee at the Passenger Service Centre, Top-Up Kiosk, or Assisted Service Kiosk.

    This applies to concession card holders with valid passes as well.
  • Photos of Woodlands North MRT Station
    Woodlands North MRT Station - - Concourse

    Woodlands North MRT Station - - Concourse

    Woodlands North MRT Station - - Exit 1

    Woodlands North MRT Station - - Lift Lobby Concourse Level

    Woodlands North MRT Station - - TE1 Platforms

  • Please contact us via the feedback form below if you find any error or discrepancy in the information displayed.
    As there are 2 Civil Defence Camps places/buildings' postal codes and coordinates raw data with a total of 268 MRT Station optimised routes, with a substantial amount sourced from a third-party service provider, we cannot guarantee the accuracy and reliability of all the data retrieved.

    If a Civil Defence Camps place or building is already permanently closed or migrated to a new address, we also cannot guarantee if an update can be done on time as well.

    If you find that the address or other information are incorrect for Home Team Academy or for any other information in this website, please inform us via the feedback form below. We will do the necessary update inside our database.

    Lastly, we hope that you will continue enjoy using our Comprehensive MRT Station Travel Guide in Singapore, at the same time we also hope that it will be useful in helping you getting around to Civil Defence Camps around the island more quickly, conveniently and efficiently. Getting to Home Team Academy from Woodlands North MRT Station has never been easier..

    We will continue trying our best to keep on improving and adding more features to the service. We will also consider adding more start points in the future. Thank you.

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