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About New Zealand

New Zealand North Island New Zealand is a temperate to sub-tropical island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. The country used to be a former British colony with most of the people having European heritage. A modern but sparsely populated country, New Zealand by itself is indeed a natural beauty and having a wide range of outdoor and adventure activities.

Wellington, New Zealand

Accommodation In New Zealand

New Zealand offers a wide range of accommodation. You can find International quality hotels in the major cities. The New Zealanders seem to be very good in the art of the top-end homestay. Hosted luxury lodges are the top-end equivalent of the bed-and-breakfast market and New Zealand has upwards of 40 internationally recognised lodges. Per capita, that's probably the highest in the world. They tend to be situated away from cities, though some are right in the heart of the major centres, and can be difficult to get to. At the very top-end, helicopter transfers and private jets help the luxury traveller move between the lodges they've chosen for their visit.

New Zealand North Island

New Zealand North Island

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